Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rose Crowns & French Graphic Pillows

Hello everyone!

Yes, I am still here, lol. Not as much as I was when I first starting this little blog of mine, but I do try to post something new every so often :)

Today, I'm sharing a few photos of some items that I currently have created and listed in my eBay (link in sidebar) I've been working on some beautiful French themed graphics that I have purchased, and also some truly lovely shabby chic style rose wreath/crowns made with gorgeous parchment roses. The second photo is one that has just recently sold, but the one in the first pic is still currently available as of this post.

The 2 graphic pillows are both currently available. I've been having so much fun creating with these stunning graphics! The colors on them are so rich and vibrant, and who doesn't love roses!! I've created and sold quite a few of these French rose themed graphic pillows, many of them going to a lovely lady in Italy.

Thought I would share this photo I took a few days ago of some beautiful peonies that I purchased at our local farmers market. Next to roses, these are my favorite flower!!

Well, time to get back to more sewing and creating!
Until next time sweet friends!
Wishing you all a lovely day!


Jeanette Ann O'Donnell said...

Such pretty roses and such a soft colour on the little crown. Lovely pillows too. I love ruffles on pillows.

Alessandra said...

I fell in love with everything. The pillows, the flowers are just gorgeous

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