Monday, June 15, 2015

Changes to my China Cabinet and Pretty Pillows listed in my Ebay

Hello everyone! I know it has been a few months since I have last posted anything new. To be honest, I am just not on blogger that much anymore. You will mostly find me now on Instagram. If you aren't a follower of mine yet, I hope that you would like to. My Id name on there is shabbycatsandroses.

I had been wanting to paint my china cabinet for quite a while now, and a few days ago I finally did just that! Originally I had thought of painting it pink, but I already have a vintage cabinet painted that color, so decided to do it in a bluish tone. I discovered this wonderful chalk type paint, at a much less cost than the Annie Sloan Chalk paint, and chose a color called "Vintage" It has this wonderful bluish grey sort of color. I am so happy at how it all turned out!

I would also like to share with you some wonderful pillows that I created that I currently have available in my eBay shoppe; This first one I just finished and listed today, and I just love the wonderful Linen fabric used in the center, with it's gorgeous large pink roses!

These next 2 sweet accent pillows have a wonderful vintage graphic that I printed onto fabric (NOT an iron on transfer) Love the pretty roses on these!!

I also want to share with you this fabulous Vintage Italian Tole Florentine lamp that I also have listed on eBay. You just don't find gorgeous pieces like this very often! I actually had found 2 of these, but I am keeping one for myself :) It has been rewired for your safety!

Thank you all so much for stopping by, after I have been MIA for a while, lol.
Hope you all have a lovely day!
Until next time sweet friends!



Always pretty pillows. Nice color on the hutch. I'm feeling the urge to paint something!!! I have 2 side tables that need a new look!

Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

Thank you Deb! I really love this paint I used on the cabinet; a little bit goes a long ways!

Francy Sydney said...

really wonderful creations! I love pink and roses...WOWWWWW

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Hi Brenda and wow what a lovely job you did on the cabinet! What kind of paint did you use? I can't afford Annie Sloan but would love to re-paint my bedroom furniture and get that lovely old vintage look!
The pillows look just amazing and I wish I could afford that lamp, what a treasure you found in those beauties. I wish I had Instagram but I haven't given in and gotten a smartphone yet so I will watch for any posts you make to blogger!
Have a super day and keep painting!
Tina xo

tracy patterson said...

Can you share what type of paint you used and where it can be purchased?

Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

Tracy it's Americana Decor chalky finish, and it's sold at Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, Michaels and other fine craft stores.

Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

The paint is Americana Decor Chalky finish, and you can find it at Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, Michaels and other fine craft stores.

Alessandra maisonromantique said...

Ciao Brenda, i tuoi lavori sono davvero romantici...


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