Thursday, May 9, 2013

Newest Treasures

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to share with you some of my newest treasures I found over the past weekend.

First up is this wonderful, LARGE Vintage mirror we found at a tag sale we had stopped at while helping our oldest son move some things into his new apartment. Originally a shiny gold, I painted it my favorite shabby white, and love it! And it only cost $20

Next is this fab Vintage frame. It too was originally gold, but again, painted it my fav shabby white. This was found at a local thrift shoppe for just $8

I found this the other day at a local GW store, for just $8. Again, another item originally gold, but looking perfectly chic and shabby all painted white!

Lastly, I've had this sweet little table for a few months, but finally got around to painting it now that the weather was perfect for doing so. I chose to paint this a soft pale shabby pink, and it's perfect! I love the way the shelf on the bottom is designed for placing books in.

I'm hoping to do some more Thrift shopping this Saturday, and if I do, I'll be sure to post pics of any treasures that just happen to come home with me :)

Once again, linking up for Kerryanne's wonderful Blog Party, Shabbilicious Friday, so be sure to stop on over and see all the wonderful and shabby inspiration :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! Wishing all of you a wonderful Weekend!


Marapuama said...

Ale pięknie!!
Podziwiam Twój styl i gust.

Marapuama said...

Ale pięknie!!
Podziwiam Twój styl i gust.

Mari said...

Hi Brenda, what gorgeous treasures you have purchased, I love your mirror its simply gorgeous! And the frame is beautiful, I have the same one only I kept it the gold color and added a beautiful rosé painting.


Jessica said...

Those frames are so beautiful! I've never found anything like them at those prices. I better keep looking! ha

Brie Binnendijk said...

Hoi Brenda
Wat een prachtige vondsten heb je! Ziet er prachtig uit.'Lieve groetjes Brie

Victorian1885 said...

Beautiful treasures Brenda! Happy Mother's Day on Sunday!


Susan said...

Fabulous finds, Brenda. And I LOVE what you've done with all of them. Wow wow wow Terrific. I just love your style and your creativity. We are truly kindred spirits. Susan

Luna und Luzie said...

So beautiful photos! I like the things you've made . Everything is lovely.


lala said...

Wow - what fantastic finds!!!! Love the frame & mirror, and especially love the sweet pink table.

Transformations By Jacqueline said...

OMG!!! The Frame is awesome and the price more!!!! Congrats for your finds!!!

Louise-Arden said...

So Beautiful!!


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