Friday, October 26, 2012

First Round Football Playoffs

Hello Everyone ~ Just a little quick post today :)

Tonight my son Austin's Football team will be playing against our Arch Rivals, the Newaygo Lions, in the first round of the Playoffs ~ Newaygo is our closest neighboring town, and had been in the same Conference as us, but at the end of the season last year they chose to leave it for another (shall we say Easier) Conference, and as luck would have it, our teams were paired together for the first round ! Players and parents were together for a little Party this past Sunday to watch the selection on TV, and a HUGE cheer erupted in the room when it showed us put together !

There is a lot of excitement in our town, and a HUGE crowd is expected at tonights game, which will be at Newaygo.

I hope you will wish my son, and our Grant Tigers luck tonight ~ It's going to be a great game !!


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