Wednesday, September 19, 2012

~ 2 New Rose Pillows ~

Hello, and Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope your week is going well for all of you :) I've actually been busy working in my little sewing room, creating more pretty rose accent pillows to list on Ebay ~ below are a couple that are now currently listed and available ~ Hope you like them :)

I have a 3rd one almost finished, just needs to be stuffed with some super soft fiber filling, and will hopefully get it listed sometime tomorrow, so be sure to stop by my Ebay shoppe to take a peek ~ you can click HERE to whisk you away to it!

Later this afternoon I have to cook up a big batch of Tater tots to take to tonight's Varsity Dinner for our football players ~ I've been volunteering each week to help with the dinners ~ this week it's Sloppy Joes, Tater tots, Mac 'n Cheese, Salad, and 2 desserts (which I am bring in 1 of those). So far, they've had a Hamburg & hot dog dinner, Meatballs & chicken wings dinner, and a Taco dinner. Next week is a Breakfast dinner (which all the guys love), then a Chili dinner, a Lasagna dinner, and lastly, a Pizza dinner. This friday is our Homecoming game, so wish our Grant Tigers luck!!


Until next time sweet friends!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pink Pretties on Ebay

Happy Wednesday to you all! Today is just a really quick little post to show you a couple of new things that I have listed in my Ebay shoppe. If you'd like to stop on over to take a look at these, or the other pretties that are currently listed you can click HERE to take you there, or click the link on my sidebar.

First up, which many of you will recognize, is the gorgeous pink petticoat that has been displayed on my manniquin. I've changed her look a bit, and decided to offer this up for someone else to display and enjoy.

Next, is this set of 2 vintage metal filigree shelves, painted Fairytale pink, by Krylon Fusion....

And lastly, tho not pink, I did want to show you, as this is a fabulous Vintage Syroco shelf....don't you just love the detail on it!

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ My daughter and grandson will be coming by soon, so I have some things to finish up before they do :)

Until next time sweet friends !

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Special Birthday Today!

One year ago today a very special little boy made his way into the world ~ today is our Grandson, Seth, first birthday! It is still so hard to believe that he a year old today. No longer a baby, but now a toddler. He has brought so much love & joy into all our families !

This picture below was taken at the end of August, after getting his very first haircut, or should I say trim. Isn't he such a little handsome guy !

Yesterday, our daughter & SIL, Amber & Kevin, had a little party for him to celebrate his birthday. Lots of good food was offered, and Seth really loved eating the strawberries, and especially the blueberries. Even a little of the mac 'n cheese.

Here was all the presents waiting for him to open.....he's not spoiled, no, not at all. He's only the very first grandchild on both sides of the family, :)

The theme for his party was "John Deere", and anything related to farms. This is his huge Cow balloon!

One of the things we got him was a book, that has buttons he can push on it to make farm animal sounds.

This is a farm set he got from his Great Grandma & Grandpa McKinlay.

Again, I say our grandson is not spoiled, he is sitting on the John Deere Quad that he got from his Grandma & Grandpa Mckinlay....

....and from us, he got his own little red car.....doesn't every 1 year old get 2 vehicles for his birthday, lol :).....nope, not spoiled at all :)

Here is a photo of his birthday cake...isn't it cute!

Time to blow out his candle....Mamma did it for him, since he had no idea what he was suppose to do :)

Boy, did he LOVE eating his cake ! And yes, wearing it too, lol :) Our daughter was very smart and removed all his clothes, except his diaper, before putting him in his highchair and giving him his cake !

By the time the party was over, it was way past his nap time, and when Amber put him down finally for his nap, he went to sleep rather quickly....tired out from all the fun and excitement of his party :)

Thanks so much for stopping by as I shared this special day with all of you !

Until next time sweet friends !!


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