Saturday, May 5, 2012

Graduation Photos

Here are a couple of pictures that were taken after the Ceremony....we tried to get some goods pictures during it, but all 3 of us (myself, my daughter Amber, and SIL Anne), just couldn't get our cameras to take good pictures from a distance. We sat all the way at the top to get a better view, but not a good spot for picture taking, lol :) This first photo is of my "kids", Austin, Brian (the graduate), and Amber.
This is a picture with him and his proud parents ~ myself and hubby, aka Brian Sr.
Here is a picture of our little family ~ I still can't be believe I have a son who is a College Graduate ! And a daughter married with a sweet little baby boy ! And Austin will graduate next year from High School....okay, I'm really starting to feel a little bit old now, LOL !!
This is a photo with Brian and his Uncle Dale (my brother), and Aunt Anne. These pictures are from her camera. I had gotten too frustrated with my camera, so I had put it away, lol :)
Hopefully tomorrow I will post pics of the bathroom makeover. Until next time sweet friends !!


Shabby chic Sandy said...

Great graduation photos--love seeing what your family looks like! Everybody looks so happy:) Have a happy Sunday!

Celestina Marie said...

Congrats to your son on his accomplishment. Best wishes to him on his journey ahead. What great pics of you all. Such a precious family you have!!

Big hugs, Celestina Marie


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