Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flea Market & Garage Sale Finds

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would show you some great finds that I found over the Memorial Day weekend. We went to a few Garage sales on Sunday, and on Monday we went to a HUGE Flea market just north of Howard City, MI, at Burlee Park. They host this flea market about 4 times during the warmer months, the first being on Memorial Day, and the last one the first Saturday in October. We usually go to the first one, as it has the most vendors, and there are literally thousands of people who come to it!

These first 5 photos are the items that I purchased at the Flea Market on Monday...
This is a fabulous header, and quite large and heavy...though it is newer, I still love it, and will be painting it white....just don't know yet as to where I will place it in the house.

This is a fabulous vintage lamp holder, made of a very heavy metal. I don't think I need to really do any painting on this, as I really love the off white, creamy color that it is. Now I need to also figure out where to place it in my home (preferably somewhere, where no one will hit their head on it, lol) ~ need to also find a nice larger candle to place on it.

These next 2 photos are of some pretty vintage favorite is the one with the pink in it. And the last photo is a lovely vintage tea the 4 hankies and the tea towel for just 50 cents each !

Next up are the items that I found on Sunday....2 lovely vintage hankies, which I am always on the hunt for, as I love to use them in my creations.

3 Vintage Rhinestone pins....these will be perfect to use on Christmas Stockings I will make in a few months for the Holiday season..

And lastly, a sweet little lamp, which as you can see, I have already painted just need to find the right small shade for it...either one that I can transform, or one that is already perfect.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the treasures that I found ~ I'm still thinking and deciding on what to do for my next a couple of ideas, now just need to get busy and get to work on it!

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of this week & upcoming weekend!

Until next time sweet friends!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Working on some new Items

Hello everyone! Yes, I know, it's been a while since I last posted. I've had lots of stuff going on, first being the garage sale that I had here 2 weeks ago, which went pretty well! Then this last weekend we had a little party here to celebrate our oldest son Brian graduating College. It was just the very immediate family on both sides, and a few of his friends. Everyone had a great time, even with the temps being in the mid 80's.

Yesterday I finally got to work in my sewing room, after not doing ANY sewing for almost 3 weeks !! And thought I would share with you the 3 items that I finished and have listed on Ebay now.

First is another sweet little mini long style accent pillow using everyone's favorite print by Northcott (tm);

Next is a pretty hanging pillow featuring an Image of a lovely Angel dressed in pink with pretty roses.

Here is a lovely embellished Hand Towel with pretty pink rose fabrics.

Here is a photo I thought I would share with you from Brian's party Saturday ~ I positioned the tables underneath our clothes line, and draped various sheets and fabric over it to help shade them a bit, which worked pretty well. And on our deck we had 2 tables set up as well for our family.

Now here is the BEST picture of all ~ this is our Gbaby Seth at 8 months old (he's now over 8 1/2 months) He's just getting so big !

Well, that's about it for today's post......I've been giving some thought on having a Giveaway soon ~ so stayed tuned for more on that :)

Until next time sweet friends.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Hello Everyone, yes, today is the day that I am FINALLY showing you pictures of our bathroom makeover. Before doing this makeover, I had to remove the pink and white striped wallpaper above the wainscotting, then we had to remove the small style white tile floor. Once that was done, I then added a fresh coat to the beadboard, which is a Soft Linen white, then painted the walls a nice gray color called Secret Locket. The next step in the makeover was putting the new 12" square gray floor tiles in that we purchased at Menards. It was this tile that set the stage for the makeover, and helped to determine the wall color and what accessories I wanted to put in here.

Now onto the reveal........

This is the small door that leads you into the bathroom. This door is original to the house.

Now let's step inside our small main bathroom......we are using the same sink/cabinet we had, as it does work well with all the changes, but next year I think I would like to find something just a little bit larger, and with more of a countertop to work with.

Now we are inside of the bathroom, looking to our right, and this is where are shower/tub is located. I purchased the gorgeous ruffled and lacey shower curtain a few months back, and it works perfectly in here now.

On this little wall I've placed a sweet little white frame with one of Rebecca's (A Gathering Place) notecards inside.

Here is a better look at our new floor tiles, which I just LOVE ! And of course, I had to get a new rug, and this one is perfect in here. Found it at Target.

Vintage wall sconce that I painted white and added some sparkly crystal to, for some little bling in here.

Here is the vintage mirror that I had showed before, but now I have added a pretty garland with pink roses to it.

A sweet little shelf with hooks for hanging a couple of Rebecca's pretty pink Sachets, and a Vintage dress from. On top are a couple of pretty accessories and vintage linen.

The same toilet was used in here, as it's only about 3 or 4 years old, and love the shape & style of it. The cute little metal shelf I found a couple of weeks ago at a local Antique mall, and it holds the sweet Teacup nightlight that I won in a Giveaway from Janet at Shabbyfufu.

This metal planter hangs above the toilet and was purchased at that same Antique mall as the shelf. I painted it white and added some pretty faux pink roses and fluers inside of it, and draped this gorgeous vintage hanky on it.

To the left side is a sweet little table with a couple of accessories, a magazine rack, holding some of my little collection of Romantic Country magazines, and above on the wall is my favorite Canvas print of pretty pink roses by Christie Repasy inside a tin frame.

Here is a close-up of it....

And this concludes the reveal and tour of our Bathroom makeover. It took a little longer than expected to get it all finished, but I am so happy with how it all turned out.

I hope you enjoyed the tour :)

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Until next time sweet friends ~ Have a wonderful upcoming week ! I will be busy getting things finished and ready for my Garage sale this Thursday & Friday, so won't be around much. Hopefully it doesn't rain those days ~ pray for nice warm sunny weather, lol :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Graduation Photos

Here are a couple of pictures that were taken after the Ceremony....we tried to get some goods pictures during it, but all 3 of us (myself, my daughter Amber, and SIL Anne), just couldn't get our cameras to take good pictures from a distance. We sat all the way at the top to get a better view, but not a good spot for picture taking, lol :) This first photo is of my "kids", Austin, Brian (the graduate), and Amber.
This is a picture with him and his proud parents ~ myself and hubby, aka Brian Sr.
Here is a picture of our little family ~ I still can't be believe I have a son who is a College Graduate ! And a daughter married with a sweet little baby boy ! And Austin will graduate next year from High School....okay, I'm really starting to feel a little bit old now, LOL !!
This is a photo with Brian and his Uncle Dale (my brother), and Aunt Anne. These pictures are from her camera. I had gotten too frustrated with my camera, so I had put it away, lol :)
Hopefully tomorrow I will post pics of the bathroom makeover. Until next time sweet friends !!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hello everyone! Just a really quick little post to let you know that I will be showing pics of my bathroom makeover this weekend. I've been super busy getting things ready for our Garage sale here next week, so haven't had much time for blogging. Also, tonight our oldest, Brian Jr., has his Graduation ceremony from Ferris State University ! Yeah !! We are just so very proud of him !!! I'm going to try to get some decent pics, so hopefully I can show you all. Until next time sweet friends !! Have a wonderful & fabulous weekend :)
UPDATE: Here is a photo of Brian, shortly after the Graduation Ceremony ~ So Proud of him !!


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