Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vintage Italian Frames

Hello everyone!! I am looking out my window right now, and there are snow flakes falling outside! At least the ground has started to warm up here, so they aren't sticking :) Yesterday my daughter Amber, and Seth and I went to go see my new Grand-niece, Madison, who was born Friday....she is such a little cutie!! And boy does she have a head full of dark hair...and so tiny, as she weighed 6 lbs. 12 oz.! All 3 of my children were over 8 lbs. ~ Both Amber and Brian Jr were 8 1/2 lbs, and my youngest Austin was 9 lbs 13.8 oz.!! Even my Grandson Seth weighed over 8 lbs, so Miss Madi looked liked a little doll ♥

Today I thought I would show you a couple of Vintage metal frames that were made in Italy, that I gave makeover's to.....they both were originally bronze in color, but I gave them a couple of coats of Primer, then painted them my favorite paint called Soft Linen. I then printed out a couple of pictures from Vintage Klein postcards that I have, and I will be listing them later today on Ebay......I have been given some thought as to putting one on Ebay and the other on Etsy, then see which selling site works better. We'll see..



Well, I'm now off to get some work done around here in the house....laundry and FUN stuff like that, lol :)

Have a wonderful day.....until next time sweet friends!!


jeanetteann said...

New babies are always a joy.
Love your frames. The only thing with Ebay is it is so much more expensive than Etsy.

Rebecca said...

Love the frames Miss B! What sells better for you? Ebay or Etsy? Etsy is soooo confusing to me! :(

Hope your Easter was fab!


Shabby chic Sandy said...

Those frames are so pretty. It certainly is time for the snow to stop falling!

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hello Brenda,

Thanks for coming by to visit me! Hope you had a blessed Easter. These frames are beautiful! I would be happy to pick up one of those liners for the flower pot, if I see one. What size would you need? I found that one lamb with the wall, on someone's etsy. It has a crack in the back, but not all the way through. I just love it! Have a great weekend!


~Shabby~Prim~Delights~ said...

popped in to say hi and wow love those frames. Everything you do is just beautiful.


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