Saturday, March 10, 2012

My new (to me) Ikea Slipcovered Chair

Hello everyone!! How's your weekend going so far? Mine you ask? Pretty good :) The other day while perusing Craigslist, I happened upon an add for an Ikea I clicked on it, and was very happy to see it was one of their Erktop series, and it had this fabulous cottage white slipcover....and for only $87! So, I printed the add up and showed it to hubby when he got home from work...he's like "so?" I said..."I want this chair!" LOL. He told me to go ahead and contact the seller, which I did lightning fast, lol, and arrangements were made to come to where he works on 28th Street in Grand Rapids this Saturday morning to take a look at it. Of course, I looked it over very well, and it's in very good condition, except for a small tear in the lower right side of the cover, which I can do a little sewing repair to, no big deal.....and of course, as you can see by the picture below, it came home with us....I am a very happy girl :) The pillow you see displayed in the chair is one that's available on my EBAY.

Friday, my daughter Amber and Gbaby Seth were over for a bit, and she "helped" me set up a Facebook account, and I needed to have a newer picture for it, so I had her take one with me holding onto Seth....and he smiled so perfectly. Check out those adorable little chunky legs of his :) He actually prefers to not wear pants! If any of you have a Facebook account, I would love for you to become a Friend, just type in my name, Brenda Heminger, to find me :)

This past couple of days ago, I created some sweet Easter pillows that are currently listed in my Ebay shoppe....below is one of them that is can click on the link near the top of my sidebar to take you to my listings, if you like.

The rest of today I am watching College Basketball....Michigan State is playing Wisconsin right now, and later Michigan is playing Ohio.... Go MSU...Go UM!!

Until next time sweet friends!!


Shabby chic Sandy said...

Love your chair--I have the same chair. I have the big foot stool to go with it too. It is so comfortable! We have such amazing Craigslist prices around here--(just wait until you see the chandelier my daughter got last weekend--I am so jealous!)I got my chair like yours for $35. You know you can get a new slipcover really cheap someday it if you want too. This time of year I always feel like I want to change the cover to the floral one--but last time at Ikea I didn't see it. I think they discontinued it. I hope they come out with a new floral. I'm going to have to check the website. Your Easter pillow is lovely! Have a good weekend! --Sandy

Eileen said...

Your chair is great! What a fabulous find. And your pillow is just lovely as usual.

jeanetteann said...

Lovely comfy chair,and very pretty pillows too.
Nice and natural photo of you and baby, He's adorable.
xx jeanetteann

Shirley said...

Hi Brenda, Seth is such a sweety. His smile is so cute. I liked your chair. It looks like I could curl up in and take nice naps. I always enjoy looking at your pillows. Take care. Hugs Your Missouri Friend.

Susan said...

I love your Ikea slip cover. That corner where your chair is setting looks so inviting! Your taste in decorating is awesome.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

First, I don't know if I have ever seen a picture of you, You are so young and adorable! That chair was a great deal!! Check Ikea, I bet the slip cover costs $87 and you got the chair free!



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