Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bathroom makeover sneak peek

Today I thought I would show you the progress, so far, on our Main Bathroom makeover. I first re-painted the beadboard, in the same color it was, which is Linen White, just to freshen it up a bit. Next, I started painting the wall above. The first color I got was a VERY very pale grey, and just did not like it ~ there wasn't enough of a contrast between it and the beadboard, so today I went and got another color to use, which I am loving! It's called Secret Locket, and I purchased it at Walmart.

This cabinet is going to be moved and placed above the toilet, so I haven't been able to paint here yet....had to first get the wall painted that it was going to be moved to first :) Hopefully in the next day or two, I can get my hubby and son Austin, to help get it moved. I will be removing the mirror on the cabinet, and placing a sheered grey linen fabric in it's place. The Antique mirror that I showed you in a previous post will be placed where the cabinet is now.

This is the shower area, and will be keeping this gorgeous ruffled lace shower curtain in here!

Here is a sneak peek of the tiles that will be going on the floor ~ LOVE these!! ~ We purchased them at Menard's, and they are 12" x 12". But before we can install these tiles, we first have to remove the tiles that are currently in there ~ what a job that will be! Hopefully they will come out fairly easily, as hubby has a bit of a sore back. But we do have our son Austin, who has been going to work-outs at school everyday, so we can put those muscles of his to work, lol :)

Sunday we get to have our Grandson Seth here for almost the whole day! Can't wait!!

Have a great weekend everyone! Until next time sweet friends!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Have I told you lately that I LOVE Craigslist?

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend :) We're suppose to have some cooler temps this week here in Michigan, and a couple of nights we could get some frost, yikes! We've got some of our flowers & plants starting to come up because of all this unseasonable warm weather here. I hope they do okay.

This morning shortly after getting up, I went on my computer, as I usually do every morning, and went to Craigslist, as I always look for either an Ikea or Pottery Barn sofa listed. As many of you know, I had purchased an Ikea Erktop chair recently from this site, and have been on the hunt for a sofa. Well, guess what I found listed when I typed in "Pottery Barn", under furniture? Yup, a Pottery Barn Basic Sofa!! Yippee!!! And it get's even better ladies.....they were asking $250 or best offer!! What??? I told hubby about it, and then made the call to the number that they had listed, and they still had it, and we got it for just $200! SCORE!! I am so thrilled to finally have this sofa!! The cover to it is a light tan, which is okay, and I can live with it for a little while, but I plan to purchase a white one to replace it.....Looks good in our living room :) I did wash all the covers and hung them outside to dry, then put it all back together. I do have a question for any of you that might know....As the Ikea Erktop sofa and Pottery Barn Basic Sofa are basically the same, would an Ikea Erktop sofa slipcover fit a Pottery Barn Basic Sofa? I have heard that they would, but need your imput on this. I know that you can purchase the Ikea slipcover on Ebay for a very reasonable amount, compared to the PB slipcover.

Our Daughter and SIL purchased a seat for the back of their bike, so that they could take Seth with them on Bike rides, and I just had to show you "Mr. Man" sitting in it, with his cool shades on :) He is just soooooo cute!

Until next time sweet friends!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Antique Shopping Treasures

Saturday, hubby & I went and did some antique shopping over toward the southeast area of Michigan, at a couple of towns called Howell and Williamston. Each has a fantastic Antique mall that I just love to go to!

First stop was the Livingston Antique Outlet in Howell. I was on a mission to find an antique mirror for our main bathroom, as well as a cabinet to use for our "medicine cabinet", to replace the one we currently have...which is fine, it's from the Rachel Ashwell Simply Shabby Chic line....I'm just wanting something old/antique, with a little bit of a French feel to it. I was only a quarter of the way thru this mall when I spied this wonderful Antique mirror....and it was the PERFECT size that I was looking for! It was originally a brownish/gold color, but yesterday I went to work and gave it it's makeover ~ first priming it, then painting it Linen White........

A close-up of the details on the top....

and it has these wonderful carved roses scattered around the frame! Doesn't get much better than that, right ladies :)

Now, I've been wanting to get an antique crystal chandelier for quite some time, but it wasn't on my list of what I planned to buy....however.....only a short time after finding the mirror, I came upon a booth selling this one! I stood there looking at it for a while until hubby caught up with me.....I told him "I'm in love!". Well, needless to say, it came home with us! It had just about all it's prisms, and still had the chain of small glass prisms at the top, but the bottom chain was missing most of problem....we found a booth near the end of our visit at this mall with 10 prisms for sale, so when we got home later that afternoon, I placed those prisms in the holes that the chain would have hooked into, and I think it all worked out perfectly :)

What I love even more about this chandy is that it came with a long chain and cord to plug it into the wall, instead of hard-wiring to the ceiling! So, I made this cord cover for it, and we hung it in one of the corners of our living room...

Here it is all lit up!! Isn't she just beautiful....yup, I am still in love with this chandelier :)

Sadly, I didn't find anything at the second place, which was the Antiques Market of Williamston, in Williamston. I did find a cabinet that may have worked for our "medicine cabinet", but they were asking way too much money for it, and it needed to have it's doors re-worked as they didn't shut properly. Oh well, I am sure that one day I will find just the right cabinet.....until then I will just have to use Miss RA's cabinet :) Now we just need to pick up our new floor tiles for the bathroom, which I think I will have hubby do one day after work this week, and get a paint color picked out....then we can start getting to work on re-doing our main bath! Can't wait!!

Joining Kathleen over at Faded Charm, for WHITE WEDNESDAY

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!! It's going to be nice and warm again here in Michigan, and I am LOVING it!!!

Until next time sweet friends!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Candleabra Makeover

Yeah! It's Friday, Whoot! Whoot!

For todays post, I wanted to show you the makeover of the sweet vintage candleabra that I found a while back at Goodwill.....she's been painted white, and I added a few prisms that I had, but I do think she needs a few more.

Here is her before picture....not so much to look at, but boy could I see the possibilities of what it could look like!

Yes, I do love me some sparkly prisms!!

a little bit closer pic....sorry that they are rather dark, it's quite cloudy today, but the sun is suppose to come out...we'll see :)

So, what do you think of her? I like it much better white :)
Today I will be joining Courtney, over at French Country Cottage, for FEATHERED NEST FRIDAY.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! Until next time sweet friends!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Painted Vintage Finds

Today I thought I would show you the items that I found at a couple of Goodwill stores a while back, that have been given their makeovers to...yesterday it got to almost 80 degrees here in Michigan, and it was the perfect day to be outside, so I went and got a couple or so cans of my favorite spray paint by Krylon Fusion, called Dover white, and went to work!

This first pair of sconces I will be keeping for myself, as I just love the look of them, and haven't come across any quite like them.... they have such a wonderful french style look and feel to them, which is what I am looking for to redo our bathroom...I also found a couple of fabulous items that will be going in the bathroom...I'll show them to you once they've been given their makeovers!

These next 2 pics our of these sconces by Homco...this pair you see below is a rather common one to find, as a matter of fact, I found another pair today, but those will be painted pink....

I really like the base of this intricate and pretty...

I also found a pair of these sweet vintage filigree metal shelves...wonderful for adding a little bit of a cottage feel to your home :)

These items will be available in my Ebay or Etsy shoppe tomorrow, so keep an eye out for them.

The last thing I wanted to show you was this fabulous French style Graphic pillow cover that I purchased on Etsy, from a wonderful shoppe called CUTE PINK STUFF AND MORE. She has some wonderful items to give your home a fabulous french feel. I'm thinking I might have to purchase another one of these!! She's just recently listed some new designs, which are fabulous!!

Saturday hubby and I will be doing a little Antiquing, Yeah!! I'm on the lookout for a vintage mirror with a french feel for the bathroom...and whatever else I might find that will just HAVE to come home with me, lol :) I'll be sure to post pics of what treasures I find!

Have a great up-coming weekend everyone!! Until next time sweet friends!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Grandson's new favorite toy

Hi Everyone! Just a really quick little post to show you the newest picture of our Grandson Seth ~ got to watch him for a couple of hours yesterday morning. He always loves to sit on your lap while one of us is on the computer, but he constantly tries to "play" with the keyboard, lol ~ so, hubby remembered we had our VERY old computer sitting down in the basement, so he went and found the keyboard to it, and we propped Seth up in the corner of the couch, and he was a VERY happy little man! He turned 6 months old on the 10th!! Gosh he's just growing so fast!

For any of you out there who loves to collect Vintage rose teacups, I'll be listing a few from my collection later this week in my Ebay shoppe. I'm really trying to de-clutter my house, as I have way too much stuff! I'll update you once I have them listed :)

Have a great day everyone!! Until next time sweet friends!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My new (to me) Ikea Slipcovered Chair

Hello everyone!! How's your weekend going so far? Mine you ask? Pretty good :) The other day while perusing Craigslist, I happened upon an add for an Ikea I clicked on it, and was very happy to see it was one of their Erktop series, and it had this fabulous cottage white slipcover....and for only $87! So, I printed the add up and showed it to hubby when he got home from work...he's like "so?" I said..."I want this chair!" LOL. He told me to go ahead and contact the seller, which I did lightning fast, lol, and arrangements were made to come to where he works on 28th Street in Grand Rapids this Saturday morning to take a look at it. Of course, I looked it over very well, and it's in very good condition, except for a small tear in the lower right side of the cover, which I can do a little sewing repair to, no big deal.....and of course, as you can see by the picture below, it came home with us....I am a very happy girl :) The pillow you see displayed in the chair is one that's available on my EBAY.

Friday, my daughter Amber and Gbaby Seth were over for a bit, and she "helped" me set up a Facebook account, and I needed to have a newer picture for it, so I had her take one with me holding onto Seth....and he smiled so perfectly. Check out those adorable little chunky legs of his :) He actually prefers to not wear pants! If any of you have a Facebook account, I would love for you to become a Friend, just type in my name, Brenda Heminger, to find me :)

This past couple of days ago, I created some sweet Easter pillows that are currently listed in my Ebay shoppe....below is one of them that is can click on the link near the top of my sidebar to take you to my listings, if you like.

The rest of today I am watching College Basketball....Michigan State is playing Wisconsin right now, and later Michigan is playing Ohio.... Go MSU...Go UM!!

Until next time sweet friends!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Fabulous French Graphic Pillows for White Wednesday

Hello everyone ~ hope you all had a wonderful weekend :) I was busy creating a couple of new pillows for Ebay, and a couple of sofa pillow covers for me!

I was doing some searching on Etsy, and happened across a couple of wonderful sellers that offer these beautiful French inspired Graphics for you to create with ~ one is Winged Images, and the other is Vintage Restyled. They have some fabulous Graphics to choose from, and I'll be going back for more, you can be sure of!

Both of these pillows below were created with only White fabrics and embellishments, and they are available now in my Ebay shoppe.

I also managed to create a couple of sweet pink rose pillow covers for our sofa ~ I purchased this fabric from a seller on Ebay a couple or so weeks ago, as I just fell in love with it, and knew right away that this fabric would be perfect for my pillow covers :) ~ I added a ruffle of soft pink Voile to perfectly frame this fabric.

Aren't these the sweetest pink roses! I'm in Love!!

On the back, I added pretty Vintage pink ribbon for tie closers.

I'll be working in my sewing room for the next couple of days to create a couple more pillows using the new French Graphics I purchased, and I'll be sure to post pics of them once they are finished.

I'll be linking this post up for White Wednesday, over at Kathleen's blog, Faded Charm....looking forward to seeing everyone's fabulous white posts!!

Until next time sweet friends!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Some changes in the Dining Room

Hi Everyone! I'm so glad the weekend is finally here ~ no special plans, just going to sleep in, and do what ever the mood strikes for me to do :)

A while back I did a post about the new ruffled white curtains that I have in my Living room (click HERE to take you there), and I just love them so much, that I purchased another set for my French Patio doors in our Dining room.

In the photo above you can see the Repasy Canvas print that is hanging on the wall above the chair ~ in the photo below I've replaced it with the Vintage Mirror that I found at Goodwill some time ago...which do you prefer? Repasy or Mirror? I like both looks. The Repasy print I've had hanging on that wall for a few years, and thought I might change things up just a bit.

This gorgeous pink fabric displayed on this wicker chair is actually from a skirt that I found, at guess where...yup, Goodwill! The cushion is a Pillow sham from Rachel Ashwell.....I'm trying to incorportate more white into my decor, but I HAVE to keep touches of pink!!

Here is my newest pillow creation that is now available in my Ebay shoppe ~ there's a link on my sidebar if you'd like to take a peek. The fabric in the center is so gorgeous with the softest pale pink roses, all on a linen style fabric...Yummy!

Hope everyone has a great weekend ~ we're expecting snow later tonight and into tomorrow, bummer!

Until next time sweet friends!!


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