Friday, January 27, 2012

Goodwill Treasures ~ Past & Present

Happy Friday everyone! I am so glad the weekend is finally here, but they are calling for snow tonight and into tomorrow ~ Yesterday on the news they talked about the blizzard of '78, where we got several feet of snow ~ I was about 14 years old, and I can remember my father having to literally plow his way home from work ~ he worked at Steelcase in Grand Rapids, which on a normal day would taken around a half hour to 45 minutes...but on that day it took him several hours! I can remember looking out our living room window, and watching him plow his way down our dead-end gravel road, slowly making his way to our driveway! It was just unreal!

Okay, on to today's post....yesterday while out doing my weekly grocery shopping, I stopped at 2 of our local Goodwill in Newaygo and the other in Fremont, and found some things to bring back home with me....sometimes when I stop to look, I end up leaving with nothing...and feeling depressed, lol :)

First up is the wonderful metal wall hanging that I got for just $3....I plan to paint it white once we have warmer weather here in Michigan. I may even put it up on the ceiling in our Dining room as a ceiling medallion for our chandelier.

and I also found another vintage filigree picture frame (LOVE these), a 12" pillow insert, and a vintage filigree sconce...

These next photos I am going to show you are of some of the past treasures that I found at GW.... first, is the lamp base and shade, which I redid with some soft pink fabric, gimp and rose...the mirror to the right is also a GW find...

Everything displayed on this table all came from Goodwill, except for the tablecloth ~ I redid this shade in the same pink fabric to match the other one...

These next 2 photos show my most favorite GW finds....all we had to do to this wall cabinet was add the beadboard to the back and paint it white...

and this cabinet only needed to be painted white...

So the next time you are "out-n-about" and you see a Goodwill store, be sure to stop in and take a look around, as you never know what treasures might be waiting there just for you!

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Have a wonderful week everyone! Until next time sweet friends!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Hello to all my Blogging friends!! I am sooooo way behind on getting this post ready ~ I wanted to get it done and up over a week ago, but just kept having other things to do ~ so.....I finally decided on what to make for this particular Giveaway...I wanted it to be something for both Valentines, and something that could be kept out all year long. A while back I found 2 cute holders designed for those candle jars we like to use, but aren't exactly very pretty to look at ~ they are pink with 2 cut-out hearts, and are a bit "shabbied" up, which is fab!! I am keeping one for myself, and offering the other for the, I created a Sachet stacker, made with 3 different pink fabrics ~ the top and middle sachets are filled with only wonderfully fragrant Lavender buds, and the bottom is filled with fiber filling and Lavender.

Isn't this so pretty in pink!

The Sachet stacker has a beautiful Vintage pink millinery rose and rosebud on the top, as well as 2 pink parchment roses, little pearl stamens, Vintage pink organza fluers, Vintage ribbon, and a pink Filigree heart charm.

The fabrics are, top, a sweet pink dotted print, middle, a soft pink floral print, and bottom, a pretty tossed pink roses print...

To be entered for this Giveaway, you just need to leave a comment ON THIS POST ~ the winner will be drawn on February 7th from one of the comments. So start leaving me those comments ~ Good luck everyone :)

Until next time sweet friends!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ruffled Bedskirt turned Tablecloth

Hello everyone! I've been meaning to do this particular post for a while, but kept forgetting to take pictures for it, and so today I FINALLY did, lol :) I had purchased one of these ruffled bedskirts for my bed, as I had seen one on a blog (forget which one), and loved it....then a short time later while visiting some blogs, I saw one that had used it for a tablecloth, and fell in love with the idea. So I purchased another (from, put it on my table, but felt something just wasnt' quite right.....first of all, all bedskirts only have 3 sides, and I wasn't liking the fabric used for the top...too shiny and sheer for my I have an Oak table, so it was showing thru. Soooo.... while out thrift shopping I found a nice white linen tablecloth that would work perfectly. I placed the tablecloth onto the table, and cut around it just below the top of the table...then I cut off the top of the bedskirt, and did a simple stitch to apply the ruffled part of the bedskirt to the tablecloth. Where the ends met, I just simply overlaped a bit, tucked it under, and finished stitching it in place, and tah dah!

You can see the raw edges of where I sewed the 2 together, which is just fine with me, as it gives it a more shabby chic look to it :)

These next photos are just a few more that I took, while taking photos of the Dining room is my favorite room in the whole house...I just love the feel and look of the room :)

Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend! The sun has been shining here in Michigan, but it is still way too cold for me...I'm soooooo ready for Spring, lol :)

I am linking this post to Cielo's Show Off Your Cottage Monday

Until next time sweet friends!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Pretty Rose Plates~Pillows~New pic of Grandson

Hello everyone! Goodness, it's been a week since I last posted! I've just been super busy working and creating away in my little sewing room, which I LOVE to do! However, the room literally looks like a tornado went thru it ~ fabric is tossed everywhere on the antique bed, lol :)

I recently purchased these 2 beautiful little Austrian pink rose plates from Debbi at Marionberry Cottage. If you haven't visited her website, you should, as she has some really beautifully handmade and vintage items.

Here's a close-up of one of the plates....aren't the roses just the sweetest, and I'm loving the scalloped edge ♥

Below are 3 of the newest cottage chic pillows that I currently have availble on Ebay ~ you can click the link over on my right sidebar to take a little peek if you like :)

This first pillow is the newest offering, and it also was listed using the new selling template that I just recently purchased ~ it is so sweet and soooo perfect for using to sell my items! Click HERE to take a peek. The pillow features 9 fabric squares with only single roses and rose bouquet prints.

This next one is a rather large sized pillow, and I used 5 pretty vignettes from the Rose Garden Tea fabric by Northcott, which is one of the most favorite prints that I just love!

This is my first heart shaped pillow for this year that I have created...just perfect for giving to someone special this Valentines ♥

And of course, I just had to show you the lasted picture of my precious Grandson, Seth ~ this pic was taken about a week ago....he's laying on one of the things we got for him for Christmas. Just look at that adorably sweet face!

Well, that's about it for this post...I'm currently working on some more pretties to offer for Valentines, and hopefully soon I'll get things together & made for my Valentine's Giveaway! Busy...Busy....Busy....but I LOVE IT!!

Until next time sweet friends ♥

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy First day of 2012!

Hello everyone!! I can't believe it's the first day of 2012, Wow!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years ~ we stayed home...had Xmas dinner here with me and my "boys", and Amber, Kevin and sweet little Seth came by later for desert. For New Year's eve, I did what I've done since I was a teenager, and that's watch Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve. A few minutes after midnight, I went straight to bed, lol :) And slept in until 9 a.m.!

I've been busy working in my little sewing room on some new pretties for this New Year, including the 2 pretties you see below....both are made using Rachel Ashwell fabric squares....the first will be listing tomorrow ( Monday ), and the second is now currently listed as of this afternoon....I've also made a sweet lap quilt using these of my sweet International buyers is VERY interested in it, so I won't be offering it up for sale....unless she changes her mind, lol :) You can see a photo of it over on my left's the 2nd photo....the first is another quilt I've done, that has been sold a while ago. I'm also getting started on making some Valentine pretties too....Yup, it's on from one Holiday to the next...never a moments rest...but that's okay, as I LOVE what I do!

~~This pillow is now sold~~

~~This pillow is now sold~~

All the christmas decorations have been packed up and put away until next Christmas...except for the tree, as that had seen it's last christmas...time for a new one, and hopefully when the season comes around again I will be able to find just the right one...something with the same height, but a bit narrower would be great!

Well, that's about it for this post......oh, I am planning to host a Give-away before Valentines Day, and will have more about that a bit later this month, so keep an eye out for that post :)

Until next time sweet friends!!


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