Monday, October 17, 2011

Consignment Shoppe Treasures ~ Big Score at Goodwill & Christmas Pillow

Good Monday to you all!! This morning I decided to go out and do a little treasure hunting at my local Consignment shoppe and Goodwill store, and boy did I find some really fabulous things!

Below are photos of what I found at the Consignment Shoppe in Newaygo...a fabulous shabby plate holder, and I don't have to do a thing with it! A couple of pretty crochet doilies, and a lovely bouquet of pink and creamy white faux roses....

But my biggest score of the day ladies, is what I found waiting for me at Goodwill!!! 4 boxes of wonderful Millinery flowers!!! It was all I could do NOT to scream with excitement!! LOL :) Be still my heart ♥ So yes, you'll be seeing these beauties used in future creations!

And check out my super cute Grandson!! Isn't he just adorable wearing his Cow hat that my niece Susan made for him!

Finally, here is the Christmas pillow that I mentioned in yesterdays post...I'll be listing it on Ebay later today, so keep an eye out for it....

Well, that's about it for today ladies....time for me to get some laundry done, 'cuz it ain't going to do it itself, lol :)

Until next time sweet friends!!!


Marilyn said...

O.K.... If that had been me & I would have found all that millenry they would have had to call 911 'cause I would have passed out!! LOL!!
What a wonderful treasure-trove for you!!

Suzann said...

How lucky for you!!! I never seem to find things like that at GW
Thank you for sharing and I just know you will do something wonderful with all your goodies!!
Suzann ~xoxo~

Angela said...

Your Grandson is so cute in his new hat, ready for a cuddle.
I love all your finds, those flowers found a good home.
Those doily's are perfect for making a dream catcher...

Tammy @ The Stitching Coop said...

Wow did you hit the payday!! The money you saved leaves more for ... fabric.. yeah that's it.. fabric. Lovely pillow. Hugs. Tammy

Debbi said...

SCORE!! I would have made sure no one was looking when I started drooling over those roses. What a lucky find. Those doilies are nice too, I am always on the hunt for those, especially the small white pineapple like you found. I use them is so many of my creations.
Your little grandson has grown so much! Aren't they just a joy?? My little granddaughters are so much fun watching all the changes as they grow.

Susan said...

Oh what a score on the millinery flowers! That is so awesome! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

OK, the baby is cute...BUT WOW!!! I just cannot imagine finding all of the flowers OH MY...I'm jealous!!!


Linda Carole Bloom said...

Wow, what a find!!! Can't wait to see what you do with them. I can't believe people donate such beautiful stuff!! Cute baby too! Love, Linda

piccolaceleste said...

ciao il tuo blog e una meraviglia ....baci lù

Mari said...

Hello Brenda~WOW lady, I keep telling you I must go treasure hunting with you, what beauties you have scooped up :) Your new pillow is just gorgeous, like all you work :) That sweet grandson of yours is just soooooooo adorable :)
Thanks for dropping by and your sweet comment sweetie :)
Have a wonderful day!


piccolaceleste said...

ciao posso partecipare anch io?.... baci lù..


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