Thursday, September 8, 2011

Grandchild Update

Hi everyone, just wanted you all to know that Amber is in the early stages of Labor right now.....I went with her to her Doctor's appointment this morning, as she called me to let me know she had started to have a little bit of contractions, and wanting me to take her to the appointment ~ she's only dialated between 1-2 centimeters, as of this morning ~ the contractions she is having are rather irregular, sometimes within 4 minutes, then not for another 10 minutes or so. And, unfortunately, she is having some back labor :( I think that is the WORST labor to have, as I had that with my youngest, Austin, and it hurt like a "you know what!" She's home right now, trying to get some laundry and things done ~ the doctor told her she should be up and around for a while, then rest for a little bit, then repeat, lol, that way she doesn't just lie around, which could slow down the contractions or make them stop. I've been calling her on the hour to see how she's doing ~ If she thinks she needs to go to the hospital, then she is to call me, and I'll be right there to take her, as I'm only about 10 minutes away from their home. Kevin is at work, and it would take him about 45 minutes to get home...this way he can just go straight to the hospital. However, he should be home in about the next couple of hours or so.

I'm getting pretty excited, and very nervous here ladies!! I just want this to go okay for her, and to have this precious little boy be here soon :)

Until next time sweet friends!!


rosechicfriends said...

Oh Brenda! How exciting. Shes so fortunate to have her sweet momma by her side. Cant wait to hear and see the new grandma pixs!
E blessed

Rebecca said...


Praying for your family right now sweet friend. I'm asking God to give Amber a quick, swift delivery of her beautiful baby boy. Peace be with are in my thoughts.

Love, Rebecca

Char said...

Hi Brenda, the fun is about to begin and your life will be forever changed for the best. You are going to enjoy such joy and love, congratulations, Char

La said...

What an exciting time for your family. Congratulations on the imminent birth of your grandson.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh, can't wait....What fun, All will go well!


Rhonda's Rose Cottage Designs said...

Wow Brenda it's happening ! I'm praying for your whole family ! I'm so excited ! I think what a blessed little baby to come into the world all the family waiting & happy to greet you! It is so wonderful! Bless you all! I love that you're ready & waiting ! I think I want to go watch Father of the Bride 2 . Smiles! You will all be wonderful Parents & Grand Parents & your son an Uncle ! I keep telling my husband it could happen to us & we could be Grandparents someday ! :D I can hardly wait ! I am THRILLED for you all! hugs, Rhonda

Anonymous said...

Hi, Brenda,,,how exciting that Amber is in labor and the baby boy is to be born before long!! I know
you must be antsy,,,thrilled that it is finally time for that baby to arrive so you can cuddle and love it, and worried a tad about your daughter. I am praying all goes well and tomorrow you have some news and pictures to give us!!
Best wishes to Amber, and to you, too, Grandma!!!
Hugs, Francy

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hello Brenda,

Praying for your sweet Amber to have an easy delivery. Let us know when the new bundle arrives!



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