Sunday, August 21, 2011

Photos from Baby Shower #2 and #3

Hello everyone! I've had a super busy weekend! There were 2 Baby showers that were held this weekend for my daughter Amber, the first being Saturday at her Grandmother-in-law's, and another one today hosted by her Mother-in-law, and her sister. I took lots of pictures of both, but found that many of them turned out rather blurry because Amber kept moving too much, lol :) So I am showing you some of the ones that actually turned out good.

The first 5 pictures are from the one held on Saturday by her Grandmother-in-law.

Here is a picture of the cute cake...

the lady sitting next to Amber is Patsy, who is the sister to the Grandmother-in-law, Betty.

on the left is Betty, Amber's Grandmother-in-law..

Here is a much needed item....a stroller/car seat set....she already has the carseat placed in her car :)

These next photos are from the Shower held today, which was at Nicole's house, who is the sister to Amber's Mother-in-law, Shelly. Aren't these clothes so cute!!!!

This toy for soon-to-be baby Seth is really neat, but it does make some loud noises! That might drive Amber a little crazy, lol, but I think her husband Kevin will love it....they were joking around saying that he'll probably play with it alot, lol :)

This is a crib bedding set she got that was on her registry...she's doing Seth's room in a farm theme, and this will look perfect in it :)

and here is the cake from this shower....the cute little blue booties have it where you can write the weight, length, time of birth and date on the bottoms of them....isn't that so neat!

I tell ya, this baby will not want for anything for quite some time...she received tons of wonderful things from all 3 showers that she can use! Lots of fun was had at all 3 of them!

And an update about Austin's Road test....he sadly failed the parking aspect of it on Thursday, so we rescheduled it for again this Saturday (yesterday).....had him practice a TON of times doing the parallel parking....and I am happy to report he PASSED everything!! So......that means tomorrow morning we will be heading to the Secretary of State's Office to get him his license. And you know what that means....lots of worrying about him driving all by himself, and waiting anxiously for him to come home SAFELY!

Well, that's about all for this post....I'll be working in my little sewing room later this week, creating some new pretty and rosey pillows for Ebay :) So until next time sweet friends!


Marapuama said...

Cool reception which you have the opportunity of future childbirth. We do not have such a tradition.
Cute gifts and cakes.
I greet and wish you all a nice week!

Tina Eudora said...

Oh Brenda that looked like so much fun (both showers):)
Your precious daughter looks positively glowing and radiant!
Wishing you a happy, serene birth Amber, good wishes and prayers are sent your way special lady!
Tina xo

Anonymous said...

The two showers looked like fun, and OMG, so many great things for baby Seth (love the name!) The cakes were so cute, too!
I know Amber (AND YOU) are beyond excited about the arrival of the baby and I wish her a safe delivery and many happy monents watching him grow.
Have a fun week, creating!!
Hugs, Francy

Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda! Your daughter, Amber, is glowing and baby Seth has a beautiful name and is really fortunate to have received so many neat things! Amber's a lucky mom-to-be! I wish her all the best and may she have an easy birth when the time comes. Hugs, Maria Singapore

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh what fun, wow, that was a busy weekend and what a help for the parents to be, clothes and toys and everything to get them started!



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