Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More New Pretty in Pink Pillows for Ebay

Goodness, It's been a whole week since I last posted!! Where-oh-where does the time go? I've been busy these last few days creating some new pretty pillows for Ebay ~ and this past Saturday we had got together with family members on my mother's side for lunch....got to see my Aunts and Uncles and cousins that I don't get to see very often, exept, sadly, at funerals. This is something that we will be doing 3 times a year...the first Saturday in November, the First Saturday in April, and the First Saturday in August (except this month). It was a lot of fun!

Also this past Saturday, Austin sprained his left ankle during Football practice ~ it's slowly getting better ~ the coach is taping it up nice and tight so he can continue to practice this week. I just told him to be careful NOT to do anything to his right leg, ankle, etc... as this Thursday he will be taking his road test to get his license!!! Eeegads!!! My baby driving ALL BY HIMSELF!!! Why must our children grow up :(

Here are some pics of the pillows that I currently have finished...please note that the last pillow, featuring the Teacups & Roses print, has sold to a new lovely buyer all the way from Italy.




Tommorow Austin and I go to the High School to get his class schedule for this year, and to get his picture taken...hard to believe he's a Junior!! I'll be sure to post his school picture once we get them back. Later that day I think I'll be heading to one of our local Goodwill stores to see what treasures may be waiting there for me :)

So, until next time sweet friends!! Have a wonderful rest of the week!


Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Thank you for stopping by this morning....Your pillows are Beautiful....
Have a wonderful day....
and good luck with your Son driving...I remember when my Son started driving many years ago....
Mo :-)

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Love your new pillows! You will have to sell a lot to pay for that car insurance! (I remember when my daughter started driving) Love, Linda

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Hi Brenda...We haven't chatted for a bit...I am sorry your son sprained his ankle and hope he is careful of his "driving" one!

I know I remember when all of ours (9) got each of the licenses! I could never go to sleep at night until everyone was home safe and sound! Now we know what our parents went through!


Tammy said...

Hi Brenda!

Your pillows are absolutely gorgeous! I am so excited they are for sale! I had been thinking about you and wondering how you have been. I hope you are well and you have a blessed weekend!

Love Tammy


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