Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An Antique Find ~ Halloween Pillows ~ Austin's New Football Photo

Good Tuesday Morning everyone! Today I thought I would show you some really beautiful rose plates that I found at a local Antique Mall in our neighboring town of Newaygo while out-and-about yesterday ~ they are a set of 6 sweet handpainted pink rose plates, about 6" in diameter. Some of them are marked Silesia on the back. I LOVE it when I can find a set of matching vintage rose plates to add to my collection. I do love me some handpainted pink rose plates, LOL :)

Just look at these gorgeous pink roses ladies.....oh yes!!

Also yesterday while out and about, I stopped at the fabric store and purchased some pretty Fall colored fabric, and came home and created these 2 lovely One-of-a-Kind Halloween pillows, which are now listed on Ebay. I don't make very many Halloween pillows, as I don't really do much decorating in my home for this holiday, so I just make a couple or so of these to offer up, for those you do love to decorate in these fall colors. ~ There is a link on my right side-bar that will take you right to my Ebay listings if you would like to take a better peek at them.

And here is my son Austin's new Varsity Football photo. Our scanner on our printer is no longer working, so I had to take a picture with my camera of this photo, then upload it to our computer. Not sure why the scanner isn't working...very frustrating! Hubby mentioned about maybe looking into getting a new printer/scanner. So hopefully I'll find something that I think will work best for all the things I have to do on it. The printing aspect of it works just fine, but not the scanner aspect of it? We've had it for a few years, so I guess it's probably time to get a new one...but I really like this one :(

I can't get over how much older he is looking! He's my baby!! Okay, my 16 year old baby, lol :) I know, I know, they do grow up.... :)

Well, that's about it for this post....today I will be doing a little bit of housecleaning, and finishing up a cute rosey pillow that I started working on a couple of days ago. And watching some of my favorite ABC soaps....I'm still sad that All My Children and One Life to Live will be off the air soon...I've been watching these since I was in high school!! Oh well :(

Until next time sweet friends!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fabulous Vintage Brass & Crystal Wall Sconce

Hello & Happy Weekend everyone! I wanted to share with you this fabulous Vintage Brass & Crystal wall sconce that I had just got delivered this morning, and of course, went right to work on given it a shabby white makeover, lol :) I won this beauty on Ebay a couple of days ago ~ I've been wanting to get one of these, the kind that you can plug into the wall instead of having it hard-wired, but they are usually rather pricey....this one I won at a pretty decent price, so I'm quite happy :) For now I have this pretty soft pink shade on it, but I think I want something a little bit different...but it works for now :)

Here is the pic from the Ebay auction of what it looked like before...

Look at all these pretty & sparkly crystals....yummy!!

Here's a photo of it all lit up....isn't it so romantic!! I am sooo thrilled with it!!

My son Austin, is playing Varsity Football this year (he was JV last year), and last night was our Tiger's first game against Shelby....I'm sad to say that are Tiger's lost, 7-29. At least they managed to score a touchdown towards the end of the last quarter, so it wouldn't be a complete shut-out! Austin is number 89 :) Hopefully they will bounce back and win the next game on Thursday night...it's a home game, so they will have lots of Tiger fans rooting them on.

And one last thing before I go....I've had a custom banner & avatar created for my Etsy shoppe, and I would love for you all to hop on over and take a look at it...it's just soooo perfect! Debbi, at Cottage Garden Banners created this custom one-of-a-kind set for me, and I am over-the-moon thrilled with it. She also created a business card for me, and I've just placed an order for some, so once I get those, you'll be seeing them included in all my packages :)

Until next time sweet friends!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some Goodwill ~ Consignment Shoppe & Etsy Treasures

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would show you some treasures that I found at some of my favorite places to shop at....first up is this fabulous vintage Tea/Coffee pot that I found at our local Goodwill store a few weeks ago. I think I paid around $8 for it...there is no makers mark on it, but I think it probably comes from Germany...

A while back I purchased the Vintage Wallpaper dresser you see below from a seller on Etsy....this pic shows how it looked before.....

and here is what it looks like now....I applied some gorgeous Vintage pink rose wallpaper on it, and I LOVE how it turned out!

right now it still has it's original plastic ring pulls on the drawers, but some day I hope to find some cute little vintage knobs to replace them with...

I found this sweet Vintage filigree frame yesterday at another nearby Goodwill store...I usually paint them white, but for this one I decided to paint it pink....I have this sweet Victorian girl print in it for now....

I also found this cute vintage glass bottle, with a cork top....painted the cork soft pink, and then embellished it with one of Christie Repasy's pretty rose decals that she sells on her website....I like it!

Lastly, I found this adorably sweet & cute white teddy bear at a local Consignment shoppe...she already came with the sweet pink ribbon bow & roses upon her head, and the lace collar too! I really like her :)

Thanks so much for stopping by to see the pretty treasures that I have found recently....now go out and scour your local goodwill & thrift stores to see what treasures are just waiting to come home with you :) It's sooooo much fun!!

Until next time sweet friends!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

~~August Etsy Special~~

Just a really quick little post to let you all know that I am having an August special in my Etsy shoppe ~ you will receive 10% off anything in my shoppe from now thru the end of August, when you use coupon code; AUGUST10 ~ time to get the "shelves" empty and ready for some new holiday items that will soon be made and ready to offer up.

Click HERE to take you to my Etsy shoppe.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Photos from Baby Shower #2 and #3

Hello everyone! I've had a super busy weekend! There were 2 Baby showers that were held this weekend for my daughter Amber, the first being Saturday at her Grandmother-in-law's, and another one today hosted by her Mother-in-law, and her sister. I took lots of pictures of both, but found that many of them turned out rather blurry because Amber kept moving too much, lol :) So I am showing you some of the ones that actually turned out good.

The first 5 pictures are from the one held on Saturday by her Grandmother-in-law.

Here is a picture of the cute cake...

the lady sitting next to Amber is Patsy, who is the sister to the Grandmother-in-law, Betty.

on the left is Betty, Amber's Grandmother-in-law..

Here is a much needed item....a stroller/car seat set....she already has the carseat placed in her car :)

These next photos are from the Shower held today, which was at Nicole's house, who is the sister to Amber's Mother-in-law, Shelly. Aren't these clothes so cute!!!!

This toy for soon-to-be baby Seth is really neat, but it does make some loud noises! That might drive Amber a little crazy, lol, but I think her husband Kevin will love it....they were joking around saying that he'll probably play with it alot, lol :)

This is a crib bedding set she got that was on her registry...she's doing Seth's room in a farm theme, and this will look perfect in it :)

and here is the cake from this shower....the cute little blue booties have it where you can write the weight, length, time of birth and date on the bottoms of them....isn't that so neat!

I tell ya, this baby will not want for anything for quite some time...she received tons of wonderful things from all 3 showers that she can use! Lots of fun was had at all 3 of them!

And an update about Austin's Road test....he sadly failed the parking aspect of it on Thursday, so we rescheduled it for again this Saturday (yesterday).....had him practice a TON of times doing the parallel parking....and I am happy to report he PASSED everything!! So......that means tomorrow morning we will be heading to the Secretary of State's Office to get him his license. And you know what that means....lots of worrying about him driving all by himself, and waiting anxiously for him to come home SAFELY!

Well, that's about all for this post....I'll be working in my little sewing room later this week, creating some new pretty and rosey pillows for Ebay :) So until next time sweet friends!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More New Pretty in Pink Pillows for Ebay

Goodness, It's been a whole week since I last posted!! Where-oh-where does the time go? I've been busy these last few days creating some new pretty pillows for Ebay ~ and this past Saturday we had got together with family members on my mother's side for lunch....got to see my Aunts and Uncles and cousins that I don't get to see very often, exept, sadly, at funerals. This is something that we will be doing 3 times a year...the first Saturday in November, the First Saturday in April, and the First Saturday in August (except this month). It was a lot of fun!

Also this past Saturday, Austin sprained his left ankle during Football practice ~ it's slowly getting better ~ the coach is taping it up nice and tight so he can continue to practice this week. I just told him to be careful NOT to do anything to his right leg, ankle, etc... as this Thursday he will be taking his road test to get his license!!! Eeegads!!! My baby driving ALL BY HIMSELF!!! Why must our children grow up :(

Here are some pics of the pillows that I currently have finished...please note that the last pillow, featuring the Teacups & Roses print, has sold to a new lovely buyer all the way from Italy.




Tommorow Austin and I go to the High School to get his class schedule for this year, and to get his picture taken...hard to believe he's a Junior!! I'll be sure to post his school picture once we get them back. Later that day I think I'll be heading to one of our local Goodwill stores to see what treasures may be waiting there for me :)

So, until next time sweet friends!! Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Some New Pretties Coming Soon

Good Morning to all my sweet Blogging Friends! Just a really quick post to show you some of the pretties I've completed to list on either Ebay or Etsy later this week. I'll be working in my little sewing room again today on a couple of pretty pink and, of course, rosey display handtowels, and a sweet little Lavender Sachet pillow. Tomorrow morning I'm taking Austin School shopping for some new "cool" clothes for his Junior year in High School. He is in love with the Helix brand that is available at Kohls!

Until next time sweet friends!! Hope your week is going good for you :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Amber's Baby Shower ~ August 6th, 2011

Hi Everyone! Well, you know how I told you in my previous post that the day of my daughter's baby shower was SUPPOSE to be nice...no rain? Guess what it did that morning? Yup, it rained :) Wahhhh!! We had all the tables set out on our side deck Friday night, and I was going to finish decorating first thing Saturday morning....but instead, we had to scramble to bring all the tables and chairs into our Pole Barn, and get things set up in there. I DID NOT want to have it in our Pole barn, as that's where all my hubbys stuff is kept....which you will see in the photos below.....there was no hiding any of it :( But even though we had to have it in there, it still was a huge success for Amber, and everyone had a wonderful time, though it was VERY warm in there, even with having the large main door open...all that body heat :) I think there was a total of about 24 or 25 of us ladies in there, plus a baby and toddler! I had planned to take photos of everyone that came, but I was way too busy, and I had handed my camera off to my niece Krystal to take photos while Amber was opening her gifts....I did manage to take a few myself of some of the ladies who were there, and the tables that would serve for Lunch, cupcakes & cookies, and for the gifts. Krystal had takens photos of EVERYTHING she got, but I will show you all just some of them :)

These first seven photos, (except the 2nd photo) are pics that I took....and this first picture is of my sweet Baby girl Amber...

Here is Amber and I.....

The pics of the tables and some of our party guests... that brown thing you see peaking out from under the table is the Pack-n-play that we got for them, but we couldn't get it set up as there was no room :(......darn that rain!! LOL :)

Here are some of the things that she received from family & friends....

One of the games we played was called, "Baby Shower Left & Baby Shower Right", which you read a story, and everytime you hear the word "right" you pass the prize bag to the person on the right, and everytime you heard the word "left", you pass it to the person on your left.....I heard a LOT of moans and laughing going on while reading the story...even I started having a difficult time reading it because I too would start laughing. Because there were so many ladies, I had 2 prize bags, and started one at the farthest end of the circle from me, and one closest to me...that game was a huge hit!

Well, today is all about cleaning up...doing laundry... then sitting back and watching the Nascar race this afternoon. Tomorrow I will begin on creating some new pretty pillows and 2 pretty pink embellished handtowels to list on either Ebay or Esty....I'll post pics of those when they are finished for you to see :)

Until next time sweet friends!!!


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