Monday, January 17, 2011

Some sweet Pretties on Ebay

Hello everyone! Goodness, I've realized I haven't been posting as much as I use too; there's just not all that much going on right now. Winter's are pretty slow and a bit boring around here in Michigan. I haven't been going out to my usual Goodwill stores or Thrifts shoppes that much lately as I don't really do much driving during the winter ~ have I told you lately that I HATE SNOW!! And also, I've had to have a little work done on my car ~ I own a Red 1993 Chevy Lumina Z34, which I purchased brand spankin' new in "93, and I LOVE this car!! It's had some issues over all these years that I have owned it....first, it needed a new Altenator, then next came it needing a new engine!, then it needed a new water pump, and now, the most recent, it needed a new Ignition Module, which by the way is very hard to diagnose...we first thought it was the Crank Sensor, then perhaps a Fuel Pump (which it got new ones' of each anyways), but neither seemed to fix the problem, which was it shutting off while driving!! Not fun. But we finally got it narrowed down to the Ignition module, and it seems to work and run just fine now :) Yeah!! My kids are like, "Mom, ya need a new car!" But I always tell them no, this car is very special to me and I don't think I could ever let it go :)

Anyhoo, I wanted to show you all some things that I have now listed on Ebay ~ you will find links to these items over on my right sidebar...

First is this lovely custom lamp shade done in a pretty soft pink Rose Toile print.
I love the flirty feathery fringe I added to the lower edge...

Next is this wonderful Vintage tole lamp, which I have had for a couple of years ~ I painted it this sweet Ballerina Pink by Krylon, and added a cute rose decal...

And here are a couple of adorable Heart Shaped pillows that I have created ~ this shape I created myself, and just love it...

I'm also still working on crocheting my son's blanket...still have quite a long ways to go, but I'll take a picture of it soon to show you it's progress....then when that's all finished I'll be working on my new soon to be grandchilds, once I find out for sure what my daughter will be having :)

Be sure to check out the links on my left sidebar, as there are some wonderful giveaways going on in Blogland ~ they're listed in the order of when they end...Go check them out :)

So until next time my sweet bloggie friends!! :)


Susan said...

Your pillows are absolutely charming. So, so adorable. Loved a lot of your other eBay offerings. Great job! Susan

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hi Brenda!
Oh boy do I know how you feel about snow and especially driving in it. You'd think since I lived in Canada most of my life especially in the mountains of BC where we drive on snow all winter that I'd be fine with it...but I've been away from it now nearly 11 years so when we do get snow ...I hate driving in it! So I don't blame you for not going anywhere unless you have to. That's a shame about your car..hopefully it won't give you any more grief for a while. LOVE your little pillows etc...VERY pretty. I hope you have a wonderful day...stay warm.
Maura :)

Susan said...

The lamp is gorgeous and so are you pillows. You are very creative!!

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Brenda,
Oh my gosh--can I feature you as a Guest Artist for my Valentine's week story on the magazine?

I'm doing one Valentine's Day issue in 2 weeks, but will do another one the week of Valentine's Day...
just let me know!!!

Mari said...



mariondee-designs said...

Hi Brenda, all your creations are just beautiful and the hearts are so sweet! Thankfully when something goes wrong with my car hubby looks after it.. he's pretty good like that.. saves us a bit of money too I'd say. Yes, I'm a pretty anti-winter sort of person and even though we don't have snow I stay inside most of the time. I even dread hanging up the clothes in winter! take care, Maryann

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

OH Brenda, you are so Silly about your car.... not wanting to part with it. Hey, I don't like when things go wrong with vehicles and then to put more money into it. My husband and I always get used cars for the past fifteen years or so now... Can't see buying a car that cost a fortune.

My gosh girl, I don't know where to start everything you made here is so pretty. The heart shape pillows, I'm sure will be going fast.... so adorable, including the gorgeous lampshade. What a great job on the lamp..... how SWEET it is. Another thing that would look good on the lamp is crystals hanging from the top portion if you wanted some bling, if somebody wanted that.

Big Hugs for my Michigander Girl*

Victorian1885 said...

Good evening Brenda
Your are so talented! Love the new lampshade best. Have a great week!

Tina Eudora said...

I just love everything you make Brenda, I can picture how cozy any of these fabulous things would make a room feel!
I too love Ballerina Pink, I just bought a couple of cans myself!
And I have a "95 Ford Explorer I bought 2 years ago for $850 and I love it. It runs well so what the heck, eh?
Have fun and stay warm today!
Tina xo

The Polka Dot Closet said...

the shade is fabulous, but that little pink lamp is to die for! I love to put vintage decals on items, it is just that little extra. to answer your question, I cannot remember anything I have sold in my booth that I left brown. Since I have had the booth for 8 years, people come in looking for shabby. I left this brown, because everyone said "Oh you can't paint it" Oh yes I can!


Bella said...

Hi Brenda, Love all your pillows, you always do gorgeous work:-) Congratulations of the Grand Baby on the way, so exciting!!
Hugs to you!

April said...

You have so much BEAUTIFUL stuff here!
I popped over when I saw the name of your blog on a comment somewhere--my daughter and I laughed heartily, as it's quite the unusual concept, but it's so SWEET.(pretty kitties, by the way!)
Glad I stopped by; likely to be back!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Brenda,
I love your sweet pillows; cute shape! Lovin the pink toile lamp shade too! I adore toile and if it's pink, so much the better! Gorgeous!
Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your grandbaby! How exciting! My son and DIL blessed me with my first granddaughter just before Christmas and I am over the top in love with her even tho I haven't actually met her yet. Have a wonderful weekend.


Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Brenda, your new eBay items are just beautiful!! I love that lamp shade so much!! You make the prettiest things.
I know just how you feel about these icky Michigan winters!! Sooo long and soooo boring!!
Stay safe and warm :)

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Brenda,
I just popped over to say "hi"--and I LOVE your porch and house--wow!!! So dreamy!

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Hi Brenda...I am glad you got your car to running! I know how you feel about your car.

I, with my boys, each had a Firebird....Mine was like the Bandits car and I loved it with the T-top and big engine. hehehe! I sure did have fun and when it was time to let go of it, well, I had the hardest time ever!

Your lamp is sooooo pretty as are your pillows and I love your lampshade. I have never tried one...they look scary to do!

Keep warm! I am not minding winter so much this year. Maybe because we were gone all last winter and we are trying to get out of here now! The storms just keep rolling in though!
xo Jil


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