Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some Goodwill & Thrift Store Treasures ~ 20% off EVERYTHING in my Etsy Shoppe

Hello everyone! I don't have a Tea post again this week...I've kinda shown you ladies all the cups that I have in my little collection :( But, I thought I would show you a couple of things that I found last week while out doing a little treasure hunting ~ these 3 items were purchased in our neighboring town's Goodwill store, and the consignment shop, The Corner Closet, in Newaygo Michigan. I had sooo wanted to go check them out yesterday (which happened to be my birthday), but it was waaaay to cold, and the roads were waaaaay to icy for me to venture out it! I have always hated having a December birthday, because, more often than not, there is usually some snow storm that hits around that time. My son was happy though, NO SCHOOL yesterday, lol :) Oh, and a little FYI for you ladies....I was born on FRIDAY the 13th! My mom said it was a good day cuz' I was born....my siblings have another opinion on that one, lol :) Also, my hubby was born on May 13th, also a friday, and on Mother's day too!

Until Christmas Eve, everything that is listed in my Etsy shoppe is now 20% off ~ perhaps you will find that gift for someone special, or who you haven't bought for yet :)

Below are photos of the 3 items that I wanted to show you all....

This birdcage isn't old, but I just love it, and found it at Goodwill....I want to paint it white, but right now it's still too cold outside to do any spray painting, and of course, I wouldn'd dream of doing it inside the home :0 ...

This is a very heavy candle holder...it was originally a medium brown in color, but I was able to paint this white...this was purchased at the consignment shop a couple of days prior to going to Goodwill...when the weather was much nicer and a bit warmer.....

this was purchased at the Goodwill store, and was already this nice creamy white, so no changes need to be made with it...I don't know yet what I might place inside of it; perhaps some pretty faux pink roses :)...

Well, that's about it for now....have you all got your Christmas shopping done? Me? NOPE! Hubby and I are planning to go out to dinner to celebrate my birthday this friday, then get the xmas shopping done afterwards...we have a family xmas party to go to this Saturday on hubbys side of the family.

Until next time bloggie friends!! :)


Biljana said...

I love your festive decorations, simply beautiful:))
Hugs, Biljana

Mariette said...

Dearest Brenda,

Happy belated Birthday to you!
Did you know that e.g. in Germany they sell silver charms with a 13 on, as it means LUCKY number. So it depends in which part of the world you view certain numbers as being lucky or unlucky.
For both of you it seems to have worked very well with double 13 and born on Mother's Day.

Keep things warm and rosy and enjoy your time together; have a great dinner on Friday!


Mariette's Back to Basics

Cindy said...

So much pretty decor!

luluslovlies said...

Great finds, love the birdcage! Hugs Marilou

Bella said...

Hi Brenda,
You made some great finds! Love yur birdcage!! I have those same little heart walll pockets! I am gonna try to get a little spray painting done today, we are having the pineapple express... warm and wet...yucky!!
Happy Birthday to you!! There are a lot of Sagittarious bloggers!
Hugs to you...

Marlene ♥ said...

This blogg was verry pink! Just love it. I was googling on pink + something, and it leeds me to your blog. I will reed it moore so I put your blog in my list on my blog so I can see whenever you´r writing=)
HUgs//Marlene in Sweden

Heirloom Gypsy said...

Hi Brenda!
Happy belated birthday! I have 2 girls - both with December birthdays. It makes for a very busy month, but it's also a lot of fun:)
You're absolutely right - it's too cold to be outside spray painting. I have some frames I've been dying to paint, but burrrrrrr....they will just have to wait!
Have a great day!
almost forgot - added your button to my sidebar :)

Char said...

Brenda, you have a way of finding the best treasures and then re-purposing them into something magical. I wish I could hunt with you.
I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Happy Birthday a day late, but the wishes are just the same, good ones coming your way!! Char

sissie said...

Hi Brenda,
I love all of your fabulous finds. I wish I could be so lucky.

Also Happy Birthday to you!!


Mari said...





Olivia said...

Oh what wonderful treasures! I adore your pillows and stockings, I am off to cruise your Etsy shop and do some Shabby rose dreamin!

Victorian1885 said...

Merry Christmas to you & your Family!


Miss Linda said...

I enjoyed reading about your lovely flea market and thrift store finds and how you embellished them. Your blog offers a great deal of inspiration for decorating!

Laura's Rose Garden said...

Hello Brenda,
I have been soo busy lately that I have not had time to visit many blogs. But I am back now!
First of all Happy Belated Birthday!! I will remember for next year! (actually I wrote it down in my birthday book!!)
Your finds of the week look fabulous!! I lurve that bird cage!!
Your Christmas Trees are absolutley stunning! I love all the roses and sweet white ornaments and is that a bit of coral I see? Truly gorgeous.
I just finished with our tree yesterday around lunch time. It is what I call my "memory tree". I hope you will have time to pop over and take a look. I will be adding another post this evening where I will show pictures of our decorated house!!
Now I am off to check out your Etsy Shop!
Take care!
Love and warm hugs, Laura


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