Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Treasures coming to Etsy & My Etsy shoppe featured on The Art of Living Beautifully blog

Hello everyone, sorry, but there is no Tea post today. Yesterday was a bit of a gloomy day and couldn't get any good pictures taken, nor today either as we are under a tornado watch. The county below us, Kent, was under a tornado warning, but that has since expired. So, I thought I would let all my bloggie friends and followers get a "head's up" on some things that I will be listing on my Etsy shoppe, hopefully starting later today, but if not, then for sure I will start tomorrow. I started doing some "thinning out" of things that I have around my house....and I do have a LOT of things around my house. And instead of packing them away for my garage sale next spring, I would try offering them up on Etsy. Lots of pretty things you can decorate your home with, or even to give as gifts this holiday season to someone you know who likes having romantic and pretty things in their home :)

I also wanted to let you know that my Etsy shoppe has been featured today over on the blog THE ART OF LIVING BEAUTIFULLY. If you haven't stopped by Bella's blog before, then be sure to go over and check it out. She has a lovely blog and features many Esty shoppes on her blog....there are lots of wonderful shoppes on Etsy and with the Holiday season fast approaching, it's a great place to shop for those special people in your life :)

And for those of you who have been following me about our Grant Tigers...my son's JV team lost their last game :( But our Varsity guys won their last regular season game against Whitehall 31-13....WAY TO GO TIGERS!! WOO HOO!! This friday starts the Playoff season, and we were fortunate enough to be able to host our first game!! We will be playing Muskegon Heights (5-4) right here!!! And of course we will be going, wouldn't miss it!!! I think there will be more Grant supporters coming to this game than their was to our Homecoming game...and that game was PACKED! I'll try to remember to bring my camara and take some pics for ya to see....it's going to be crazy!!!

Until next time, have a wonderful day everyone!!


Rebecca said...

Congrats on being featured my talented friend. Thanks for posting about my giveaway, too!

Now...boo hoo on the loss of your son's game....there will be more, right?

Love to you~ Stay safe!


Roselle said...

Congrats! You deserve to be featured! I will check out your shop later for some of your destash lovliness!

Char said...

Congratulations Brenda on being featured. You deserve it! Char

A Hopeful Heart said...

Everything on your blog is always so beautiful, so it's no surprise that you would be featured on a blog entitled "The Art of Living Beautifully". You certainly know how to live beautifully.

That white milk glass vase...I have the same one. It was a treasure I discovered at a thrift store a few weeks ago...for $1. I couldn't resist buying it.

So football season is over for your son, huh? It went by so fast!! Hope the Varsity guys do great in their playoffs.

Happy Tuesday to you, sweet Brenda.


Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

I know what you mean about thinning things out in your home. I like to get rid of things in mine too... to much stuff.

That's great being featured on her blog and I'm looking forward seeing your sales.

Every time I come over I enjoy looking at your header so much it is So pretty Brenda.

It's gloomy over here on this side of me too!

Big Hugs*

Mari said...




sissie said...

Good for you Brenda. Congratulations!! You truly deserve it.



Home and Heart said...

Well you certainly epitomize living beautifully!! Congrats!!

heather yalin said...

here from bella's, and loving your stockings! :)

Bella said...

Thanks so much for agreeing to be featured! I think it really turned out lovely. And I just love the treasures you're willing to part with. Have a wonderful week!


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