Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Grant Tigers and my newly painted little cabinet

Hi everyone, I hope you all have been having a wonderful weekend :) Yesterday, my daughter and I went to my Aunt & Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary party. They were surprised by the Minister coming, who had them re-new thier wedding vows! It was such a fun time!

Below is a picture of the newly painted little 6-drawer cabinet that I purchased at Goodwill over a week ago. Not sure yet what I will put into it, but it will be going in my sewing room.

And now for an update about our Grant Tiger's teams. The last time I posted about them was 2 weeks ago, which our Varsity team was 6-0. Well, it's sad to say, but they lost the last 2 weeks games :( The first game they lost was to Spring Lake, 21-39, which made a 3 way tie for 1st place in the Lakes Eight league. This last week's game was a MUST win for our Tigers, as were to play Fruitport, which was the other of the 3 teams tied for 1s place. It was a good-fought game, but we lost to them 28-29. I have to say that there were a couple of plays we did that should have been counted, but the ref's took them away! The last play had us with the 4th down with just 1 more foot for the 1st down near the Goal line. Our guy had the ball over that line, but the Fruitport players pushed him back, so the Ref called it "no-good" WHAT!!! If the ball crosses the line, it counts!! It doesn't matter if the other team pushes the player back after-the-fact!!! HELLO!! But what can ya do? They still have one more game to play this week (not a league game), then it's off to the Play-offs! GO GRANT TIGERS!!!

Our son's team have also lost their last 2 weeks games :( Ah well, they played their best and that is all that you can ask of them. They have their last game this week, so hopefully they will finish the season off with a win!! GO TIGERS!! That's our son, Austin, #4 in the bottom right side..

I'll keep ya ladies posted about our Tiger teams as to how they did this week, and how our Varsity guys do in the Play-offs. I'll be back to post for the Tea parties this Tuesday :)

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Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Brenda :) :) :)

Love the little drawer that you painted. I know I've asked this a bajillion times...but what kind of paint did you use on that little dresser drawer you found at Goodwill? It's really cute. I could see you storing vintage trims, vintage sewing needles, spools of thread etc...all vintage..all cute ;) :) :) I don't know much about sports...but I'm proud that your son and his team are giving it everything they have :) :) That's all they can do..and it's awesome!!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Rebecca said...

Love that cabinet my friend! Yummo! I never find good stuff at Goodwill. Never. But my sis continues to haul things home in droves.

Maybe it's Oklahoma.

Maybe it's ME! Day late, dollar short!

Love to you~


A Hopeful Heart said...

Oh, 28-29 is a heartbreaking loss...especially when there are questionable calls. So sorry!!!

I always hate when questionable calls result in a win or loss for a team. I'm especially struggling with that right now in Major League Baseball playoffs. I'm a Phillies fan, and last night's game had a questionable third strike called a ball, and instead of striking out, the Giants guy ended up hitting a run that took them ahead...and they stayed ahead. I just hate it when those kinds of things happen.

Your little chest of drawers is cute. I'm sure it won't take long to figure out what you want to put in it.

Finally, I want to say how wonderful it is that your married daughter lives close enough to you that you can see her regularly. Far too many people I know have kids living states apart, so it is such a blessing that you are not among that number.

Hugs to you, my sweet friend,

Mariette said...

Dearest Brenda,

You did a perfect job on that six drawer cabinet! For the rest I can't comment, not into sports...

Have a great week and from Georgia sending you sunshine,


Lavender Cottage said...

That's a cute cabinet you picked up and the paint job makes it look new.

Mari said...





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