Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm still here :)

Hi Everyone, yes, I am still around,LOL!! Just been really busy with my son playing JV Football for the first time....they had their first game last week, but lost :( 7 -18, but they have another game this Wednesday, which is a home game. We went to the the Varsity game last Friday night, and discovered that our school purchased a very large blow-up Tiger that the players get to run thru! They should have it at his game, and I will bring my camera with me to take some photos for you guys to see.

Below is a picture of Austin in his Home-game Jersey. He's my tough guy :)

I won't be participating in the Tea Parties this week, as our daughter and son-in-law moved into their new home Sunday, and I will be helping her get things put away tomorrow. I'll miss seeing everyone's Tea posts, but should be back next week to participate...I have 4 new teacups that I will be showing over the next 4 weeks.

Until next time :) Warmest hugs to you all!!! Brenda

Monday, August 23, 2010

Everything's Coming Up Pink Roses for Tea Tuesday

Hello and welcome to another Tea Tuesday here in Blogland ladies :) I'm so excited to do this post this week because it features one of my new teacups that I recently purchased on Ebay....well, one of 4 new cups, which each will be featured in future posts :) Anyways, below is a sweet little vignette I set up the other day for this weeks teacup, and since it has gorgeous pink roses, I put together a few items that I thought would compliment it :)

Below is a close-up of the table which has the cup, along with a lovely rose patterned teapot, basket of pretty pink faux roses, and a sweet pink candle with rose details.

And here is this week's teacup.....isn't it just GORGEOUS!! I was able to purchase the cup on Ebay for almost half of what the seller was originally selling it for! I just fell in love with it the very first time I laid eyes on it! And who wouldn't with those gorgeous large pink roses. This teacup is by Aynsley, and is bone china. It is footed, and has gold along the rim, the foot, and on the pretty handle, and also too on the saucer.

Inside of the cup it has more pretty large pink roses :)

The beautiful saucer...

Here is the stamping on the bottom of the has the number 28..

On the saucer, it has the number 27...

And here is the lovely teapot I chose to feature with the cup....I think it compliments it quite nicely :)

Thank you so much for stopping by to see me this week for Tea this Tuesday :) Always such a pleasure having you here, and I look forward to stopping by and visiting with all of you for your Tea posts :)

Below is a list of the Tea Parties that I am participating in this week...Be sure to stop on over to say Hello.

Martha and Terri at TEACUP TUESDAY




Friday, August 20, 2010

My New/Old Cabinet

Hi everyone :) I just wanted to do a quick post today to show you this wonderful cabinet that hubby bought for me at an auction just over 2 weeks ago. It was already painted a white, but I wanted to give it a coat of my Linen white, which is a much softer white that I love. It's so nice to have something better than that old black metal shelving I was using to store my fabrics in (but truth be told, it is still in the room behind the door, and holding other containers, vintage sheeting, and my radio, but you can't see it). That is, until I find something nicer, lol :) The pretty boxes on top of the cabinet hold all my laces, trims, roses, etc...

The pretty vintage magazine rack you see was a Goodwill find last year.

This sweet little trumeau style mirror I bought at a yard sale just over a week ago. I painted it white (it was originally gold), and printed a larger image of one of my vintage Klein postcards to put in the top. This isn't anything old, it is actually from Home Interiors, but I love the vintage style feel that it has :)

Once again I won't be participating in Pink Saturday this week, and probably won't for the next few weeks, as my son's football season is getting into high gear, and I want my weekends to spend for myself, but I will try to visit some of you ladies blogs as I can. I will be participating in Teacup Tuesday though, and I am looking forward to showing you over the next couple of weeks some new beautiful cups that I have recently purchased!

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!! Warmest hugs, Brenda

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Giveaway I won from Wanda for Tea Tuesday

Hello everyone! I've had a VERY busy past few days; last week Thursday & Friday, I had a garage sale here at my house, Saturday had to take my son to a Special Teams practice for Football that morning, and I packed up what didn't sell and what I will be donating to Goodwill; Sunday was the Nascar race, which was here in Michigan, so of course, HAD to watch it :) Today, I was digging up a bunch of Peony Plants over at the neighbors house, who is selling his place, and so hubby paid him $20 for ALL the plants, but we had to dig them up. I also planted most of all them today over by our side deck, so hopefully next Spring we'll have lots of pretty flowers! I am sooooo ready for a long nap, lol :)

For this weeks Tea post, I wanted to share with you a Giveaway that I won from Wanda at Victorian1885 She was giving away 2 teacups and some lovely vintage linens. I was the lucky winner of one of those pretty Teacups! But first, let me show you some of the other sweet things she included in the package. I was so surprised to see all these wonderful and thoughtful things she included.....THANK YOU Wanda for including these; it was so thoughtful and generous of you :) You are such a sweetheart!!

Below is a picture of the box opened up...

First, is this sweet Victorian-style postcard...looks like they are telling secrets to each other :)

Next, were these 5 lovely vintage these!!

A bag filled with pretty vintage buttons and pretty lace...these will be perfect to use in future projects......and a silver teapot adorable is that!!

A card with a sweet hand-written note from Wanda :)

And the giveaway Teacup & saucer! It has such lovely roses and gold trim on it, and it is from Japan. A very lovely cup to add to my little collection :) Thank you again Wanda!

Below is a list of the Tea Parties that I am participating in this week:

Martha and Terri for TEACUP TUESDAY




Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy 1st Anniversary to my baby girl

One Year ago today, my sweet baby girl Amber said "I Do" to the love of her life, Kevin, on August 14th, 2009. Below are a couple of pictures to show you of their wedding day. They were married in a very simple outdoor wedding at his Grandparents house.

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin McKinlay ~ Happy Anniversary Kevin & Amber! We love you and wish you many more years of happiness!!

Her father walking her down the aisle :)

Me and Amber moments before the wedding :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pink & Green For Tea Tuesday

Welcome to another Tea Tuesday. This week my vignette features the colors of pink and green. You'll find another one of my Vintage wicker chairs, painted a Pistachio Green, also, another one of my mothers vintage picnic baskets, also painted in Pistachio green. I really fell in love with this color after seeing some lovely vintage wicker painted this green over on Carolyn's lovely blog, Aiken House & Gardens, where she did a post on July 30th entitled "Going Green", so I went out and purchased a couple cans of this spray paint, and tah dah!! I LOVE it!!

Also included in this week's vignette, is a lovely tea/coffee pot by Lefton, a soft green slice of faux cake of Rhonda's, a sweet basket with faux white and pink toned roses, a couple of pretty pillows done in pinks and greens, and a cute table with a metal base of roses that I just got today from Goodwill (all painted up white now!), and of course, this week's featured teacup.

Here is a close-up of the items on the table.

And here is this week's featured teacup.....This cup is by Royal Ascott, and has a sweet bouquet of pink roses and other cottage flowers on white.

This is the mark that is on the bottom of both the cup and the saucer.

The saucer too has the same pretty bouquet as the cup, plus another little grouping of pretty flowers.

This is the chair, which is the same as the pink chair I showed you in a previous post, but this one has the arms on it, whereas the pink one does not. The rose embroidered pillow is by Rebecca Nelson, and the lady Image pillow is one of mine that is currently listed now on Ebay.

Here is the picnic basket...this one has some flaws with it, but I use it just for display, not for actual use. Those are the same faux roses used in my Pink Saturday post, and that's a vintage embroidered pillowslip draped over the edge.

Here's a close-up of the table I purchased at Goodwill. What a score this was to find!! Love those roses!!

Thanks again so much for stopping to visit me :) I always love reading everyone's comments! Please be sure to stop and visit all the other wonderful ladies participating in the various tea parties that are currently going on in blogland. Lots of lovely teacups and tea related things to see :)

Below is a list of the following Tea Parties that I am Participating in this week:

Martha and Terri for Teacup Tuesday

Sandi at Tea Time Tuesday

Lady Katherine at Lady Katherine's Tea Parlour

Wanda Lee and Pam at Tea Pot and Tea Things Tuesdays

Friday, August 6, 2010

Vintage Pinks on the Porch for Pink Saturday

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Fabulous Pink Saturday, hosted by our very favorite Miss Beverly at HOW SWEET THE SOUND! Be sure to stop over and say hello.

For this weeks Pink Saturday, I thought I would take you outside to our front porch, as I did for this last Teacup party. This time I have our wooden glider draped with a vintage pink chenille, that I must say, has seen MUCH better days. This is what I usually have on it, as it has lots of little holes and thinning spots (plus we do have 4 outside kitties that love to lay on it). You'll also find my pretty pink Vintage Redmon picnic basket, (again), a vintage pink rose tablecloth, some pretty pink depression glass, a vintage metal tray, Vintage pink wicker chair, and some pretty vintage barkcloth pillows. And also a scrolly plant stand with REAL pink flowers :) I really love this charming vignette :)

Here are a couple of those pretty vintage rose barkcloth pillows. You've probably seen these before in previous posts I've done. And too, the chenille blanket.

And here is the Vintage Redmon basket. There's a vintage crochet doily and some pretty pink faux roses peeking out from it :)

Here you can see the vintage Pink Depression items. I only have a few pieces. I am showing a couple of glasses and 4 small plates. You can also see a little of the vintage pink rose tablecloth too.

This is the sweet little vintage silver tray that I painted pink. I have some pretty faux treats in it (remember, there are 4 outdoor kitties, so I can't bring any real food out here!)

And lastly, this is the vintage pink wicker chair, with another vintage rose barkcloth pillow. This is the chair I use in my sewing room. Love the sweet heart-shape back it has :)

I hope you have enjoyed your visit with me on my porch all filled with vintage pinks. Please do stop on over to all the other wonderful participating blogs that are featuring their pretty pinks.

Warmest hugs to you all! Brenda

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Cats~Can't live with them...Can't live without them!

Last night while visiting a few blogs before heading off to bed, I came across a couple that had to do with cats. One was at Tales from an OC Cottage, and had to do with HERE to read that post, and I left my comment talking about a cat we once had that loved to go into the dryer! Well, below is a picture of that little sweetie, his name at that time was Charlie. He was my very first kitten when I started breeding my Persians. We had him until he finally found a home at 7 months old. Anyway, he loved to hop into the dryer when I had it opened to put the wet clothes in. And he also liked to "dive-bomb" into my freshly dried towels as I was trying to fold them. He was such a hoot!!

And then of course, there is our little Miss Annie....who loves to play with folded socks...she once had one stuck on her paw, and while she was trying to get it off, she sent it flying half-way across the room! I laughed soooo hard!!

The other blog I was visting last night was A Rose Without A Thorn, and she had done a post of the 15 steps to giving a cat a pill....she didn't write this herself, but had found it, and OMG!!! I laughed soooo hard I was literally crying!! Click HERE to read it.....ladies, you HAVE GOT TO READ THIS!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tea on The Porch for Tuesday

Good afternoon ladies :) Today I thought I would do my "Tea" post on our front covered porch. It is a bit warm out today and rather over-cast, but there is a nice breeze which feels so good! For this weeks vignette I've chosen this corner which has our wooden glider...I've covered it today with a pretty pink rose quilt and some lovely vintage barkcloth pillows. You'll also see some pretty pink flowers, both real and faux; a wicker table that I've draped with a sweet vintage rose tablecloth, pink wicker picnic basket, pretty vintage cutwork tea towel, Lefton teapot, some pretty rose vintage plates, one of Rhonda's pretty faux cake slices, a cute little winged cherub statue, and of course, this weeks featured teacup :)

Here is an up-close picture of some of today's items...

And here is this week's featured Teacup. This cup is by Royal Vale, and has pretty pink roses and rosebuds that adorn the outside of the cup, and it has gold trim along the rim, at the bottom, and on the handle too.

Here is the saucer....such pretty pink roses, and it too is trimmed in gold.

Here is the marking on the bottom of the cup...this same marking is on the bottom of the saucer too.

This set of 6 plates I found at the Goodwill store last week Friday for just $3 ! What a find these are!!

This is a Vintage Redmon picnic basket, made in Peru Indiana. This belonged to my mother, and when she passed away 4 years ago, I was the one who handled the Estate sale of her items....luckily no one purchased it! I decided to keep it, and had it stored in our basement; completely forgotten...when yesterday while looking for something else, I came across it. I decided to paint it this pretty soft pink, which I think looks just fabulous!! I did not paint the inside; wanted to keep it intact, as it still has the elastic strap on the inside of the lid for holding utensils, and the wooden stand too!

An upclose picture of the wooden glider, made cozy for my guests :)

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I hope you have enjoyed your visit with me :) Please be sure to visit all the wonderful Tea Parties and their lovely hostesses, and the other lovely ladies participating for Tea :)

Below is a list of the Tea Parties I am participating in....

Martha and Terri at Teacup Tuesday

Wanda Lee at 42nd Tuesday Tea for Two

Sandi at Tea Time Tuesday

Lady Katherine at Lady Katherine's Tea Parlor

Wanda Lee and Pam at Tea Pot and Tea Things Tuesdays

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Winner of my Christmas in July Giveaway IS......

Hello everyone! First, I would like to take this time to thank each and everyone who left a comment on my Giveaway post for the sweet Christmas Stocking, it truly touched my heart, and meant so much to me. There were a total of 75 comments, but sadly, there can only be one winner :( But don't be sad too long, 'cuz you know I will be doing more Giveaways in the future :)

I printed out all the comments that were left, folded them ALL up, and placed them in this pretty vintage bowl....I then gave them a "good mix", and pulled out one of the pieces of paper, and it was.....

this one! Well miss Sares, after all these years you are finally getting yourself a pretty new stocking! YEAH!!! WOO HOO!!

Congratulations Sares of Loveleigh Treasures!! Just email me your mailing info and I can get this sweet stocking to you in the mail :) You can go to my Profile page to email me :)


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