Monday, May 31, 2010

Time for Teacup Tuesday!

Happy Teacup Tuesday everyone! I love this event! A BIG Thank you to Martha and Terri for hosting this fabulous event! Today I have set up another really sweet vignette, featuring a teacup by Royal Albert and a sweet little pink bear too :)

And don't forget about my 2 Give-aways that are going on right now. Click on either link to them over on my sidebar to get all the details. Both end on June 18th, and I will be announcing the lucky winners on June 19th :)

This Royal Albert teacup is just so has 6 sweet pink roses and little blue florals that go around the cup, with a gold band along the top of the cup; the top of the dainty handle, as well as at the foot of the cup ~ it has a very soft pale pink color at the top and slowly fades to white at the bottom

The saucer has 7 pink roses and blue florals, and has a really sweet fluted edge.

Here you can see it marked: ROYAL ALBERT Bone China England

Isn't she the most perfect bear you've ever seen! She is a very soft shabby pink, and wears a sweet collar with pink flowers, and has a pink organza bow at the top of her head! Even her cute little nose is stitched in Pink! She is a bear by Hildagard Gunzel for Barton's Creek Collection. Just above her head is a pretty hand-made paper rose by Rhonda :)

Check out this Bling she is wearing! Hubby bought this Vintage Rhinestone pin at Goodwill for just $2 !! What a steal!!

Of course, gotta have a slice of one of Rhonda's faux cakes! This is my newest piece from her. Love the soft green color used on this perfect for my homes color scheme :)

Also used in the vignette is this sweet hand-made birdhouse with handpainted pink roses. I purchased this from a seller on Ebay....LOVE Ebay!!

If you saw my post from my first time participating in Pink Saturday, where I featured my Dining room, you will recognize this pretty vintage pink birdcage that sits atop of my white cabinet. I purchased it several years ago at a little Antique mall in a nearby town. It was originally a really ugly brownish/red, but gave it this wonderful makeover by painting it pink (of course, lol!), and putting some pretty pink faux roses inside.

And this concludes my post for Teacup Tuesday. I hope you enjoyed your visit...I love reading all your sweet comments! Now go and check out all the other wonderful ladies participating.....Lots of beautiful teacups to be seen!!!

Flowers are blooming!

Hello everyone :) Just wanted to share with you some pictures of flowers that are finally starting to bloom around our home. The first photo was taken almost a week ago, of my Rhododendrons in full bloom. there are actually 4 bushes; 3 to the right, and one to the left of the "stump". They did very well this year...aren't they gorgeous!

These next 4 photos are from the landscape that surrounds the front and sides of our home. The Peonies we planted just last year, and we also have some sweet purple flowers (don't remember what these plants are called...anyone who knows PLEASE tell me!!) I'm hoping to get a few more Peonies to plant, some that are that beautiful light pink :) Love those!

Hope everyone has a wonderful sure to come back later tonight as I will be showing my post for Teacup Tuesday....It's a real cutie!!

Warmest Hugs to you all!! Brenda

Friday, May 28, 2010

It's Pink Saturday's 2nd Birthday Celebration ~ Woo Hoo!!

Hello everyone, and welcome to another wonderful Pink Saturday, hosted by Beverly of How Sweet the Sound and how wonderful she is Celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of this FABULOUS event. This is my 3rd time particating in this wonderful event, and I absolutely love it!! I've been able to meet some wonderful new ladies here in blogland. So, Thank You & Happy 2nd Birthday Beverly!!!

I want to remind everyone of my 2 sweet Giveaways that I have going on right can click on either link to them on my sidebar. Remember, they each end June 18th, and I will be announcing the winners on June 19th :)

Also, I have marked down on my items on Etsy 20% for this Memorial Day weekend, so just click on that link to take you there. This sale goes until Monday.

Okay, now on to what I have for you for this Pink Saturday! First, I have 4 pictures for you of my Living Room. The top Wallpaper is a pretty pink tonal paper, and the bottom is a lovely rose covered print, with borders of more pink roses.

For now, I have a white Matelasse that covers the sofa, I intend to one day get a slipcover for it :)

Yes, we have a BIG BLACK BOX!! It's okay, I really enjoy watching tv on it :)

We don't have an actual fireplace, but I'd seen in magazines where you can put up a fireplace surround and conceal that fact with pretty lace panels, so.....that's what I have done, and I LOVE IT!!!

Below is a closer look for you :)

These next 8 photos are of some really pretty items with handpainted pink roses that I have bought from some very talented artists/sellers on Ebay.

This beautiful painted window I bought in an Antique Mall in Traverse City, Michigan a few years ago, and when I first saw it, I knew it was coming home with me, lol :) After all, I do LOVE roses :)

And lastly, is this GORGEOUS original painting by the very talented artist Cindy Ellis. I purchased this from a seller on ebay a couple of years ago. I can't believe she was wanting to part with it! Me? I NEVER will :)

Thanks so much for stopping by, and do be sure to wish Beverly a "Happy 2nd Pink Saturday Birthday ". Also, check out all the other wonderful blogs participating in this wonderful Pink event :) And have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend everyone!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Teacup Tuesday #3 For Me!

Hello and welcome to my Teacup Tuesday post :) A big THANK YOU to Martha and Terri (Who just happens to be in PARIS right now, lucky girl!) for hosting this fabulously fun Event!

And don't forget about my 2 giveaways I am having....just click on either link on my sidebar to take you to them for all the details :)

This time I am showcasing my collection of Lefton's Green Heritage. How do you like this sweet little vignette I have set up for you today :)

In my collection, I have the pretty Teapot, Sugar & Creamer....I LOVE the colors of this collection, it is in my favorite colors...Green and Pink, and of course, the gorgeous roses! You will also see a lovely Paper rose and pretty faux petit four from Rhonda :)

These adorable bears you see are from the Annette Funicello Bear Collection, and I purchased this set several years ago. The Lady bear is all dressed in pretty soft pink and wears a set of pearls, and her little companion in pink wears a lace collar with a pink rosette. Miss Lady Bear has the Green Heritage Demitasse cup and saucer, while her pink companion has her own sweet little Limoge cup :) There is also a sweet bud vase from the Green Heritage Collection by Lefton, and OF COURSE, must have Rhonda's Faux cakes for tea, lol :)

Here is a close up of the Demitasse Cup.

....and a close up of little miss pink companion :)

Here you will see the other items I have from the Green Heritage collection...a pitcher and bowl, as well as a mini pitcher and bowl, salt & pepper shakers, and a New Plate (you can tell it's new and not vintage because of the lighter colors)

And of course, my posts would not be complete without showing you all some of my new pretty pillows that are available :) If you see something you like, just email me: (

Update: Both of these pillows are not listed on Etsy; just click my link on the sidebar to take you there :)

Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit with me :) Please stop on over to all the other wonderful ladies who are participating in Teacup Tuesday!

Makeovers of Goodwill Goodies

Good Monday Morning to all my sweet Blogging Friends :) Well, this whole week here in Michigan it is going to be Very HOT & HUMID!! Not looking forward to it :( We're all going to "sweat to death" here, lol :)

Don't forget about the 2 giveaways I'm having now....just click on either Link on my sidebar to take you to each one for all the details :)

Quite a few of you who commented on my post about my recent Goodwill Goodies, asked me to show you the makeovers of them.....well, here they are! I love how they turned out, and of course, managed to find places in my home to display them :)

First up is the sweet Vintage metal 2 tier shelf with towel bar...I painted it a pretty pink, and as you can see, also added some killer Vintage rose wallpaper to the shelves.

And here is where I have it my pretty pink Dining Room :)

Also now making it's new home in my Dining room is the sweet little vintage metal shelf. It too got painted the same pretty pink :) Isn't it just soooo sweet!

Next is the silver tray, which I painted Dover White, and it now holds my sweet little faux Bon bon's and Petit Fours from sweet Rhonda :)

And lastly, the new metal Plate holders, which have also been painted Dover White, and now reside in our Master Bedroom.

So Ladies, what do you think of their "Make-overs"? Did I do good? Love to hear your thoughts.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Oh my, I got up this morning and seen I had reached 101 followers, and thought to myself "I need to do something special for all these sweet and lovely ladies who have chosen to follow little ole me!" So, I'm having a second giveaway. This one will end the same time as the first, June 18th, with the name being drawn June 19th. All you have to do to be entered in this drawing is simply be a follower of my blog. So, you first 101 adorable ladies are ALREADY entered...YEAH!! So that means I will have 2 lucky winners announced that day :)

Here is what you will recieve for my 100th Follower Giveaway:

First is one of my sweet Decorative Candles; this one is a white 4 inch pillar style candle, and embellished with a Francis Brundage Image of a lovely Southern Lady all dressed in frilly pink, and I've framed her with pink ribbon and 4 vintage pink buttons. Also embellishing the candle are pretty pink and white roses, pink ribbon and a silver butterfly charm.

The other item you will recieve is this sweet Vintage Rose plate from Germany. This plate is so charming and will look adorable displayed in any of your homes :) You can even choose to place the candle on the plate for a sweet display!

I want to thank each and every one of you sweet ladies for following me, you have no idea how much it means to me and how much I appreciate all the sweet and wonderful comments you leave me. I never in my wildest dreams thought that so many would even want to follow, but you do, and I am truly so very blessed! THANK YOU!!!

All my Love to you, Brenda

Friday, May 21, 2010

It's a "Rosey" Pink Saturday Time

Happy Pink Saturday everyone! A big THANK YOU to Beverly at HOW SWEET THE SOUND for hosting this fabulously fun event :)

Also, don't forget about my can click HERE to take you to that post, or click on the link on my sidebar.

For my second week participating in Pink Saturday I thought I would show you my little collection of Vintage hats with pink roses :) The photo below shows them all set up in this sweet vignette.

Isn't this hat just scrumptious...lots of pretty pink and white roses on it. It has a tag inside that says: LAZARUS Columbus.

Next is this romantic soft pink Chiffon hat with a big huge rose (which I had added to it) and pretty feathery plumes. It also has a sweet bow in the back. This is the very first hat I ever purchased :) I display this hat on my Mannequin in my dining room.

Next up is another gorgeous hat with huge pink toned roses. The tag inside of this one reads: Gwenn Pennington Exclusive. This one is my favorite!

This is a sweet hat, and originally had just the large pink rose you see, but I added two more smaller vintage millinery roses to give it a little more pizzazz :) The tag on this reads: ADOLFO II, New York ~ Paris. I hang this one on the headboard of the antique Victorian bed in my sewing room.

And the last hat in my little collection is this sweet soft pink Chiffon rose hat, which I posted about earlier...I chose this hat as one of the gifts of a givaway I won from Cathy :)

And of course, you know I can't do one of these posts without showing you some of Rhonda's sweet faux cake slices. I chose these 2 because they have pink frosting :). I also am showing one of her fabulous Paper roses she makes as well. This lady is super-duper talented!!

The last thing to show you are 2 pillows that I worked on and finished these last 2 days. I will be listing them on Ebay sometime Monday, but as always, if you see one that you like and would like to purchase it, just go to my Profile page where you can email me to let me know.

This pillow is available

This pillow is available

Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting me. Please go and check out all the other wonderful blogs that are participating in this fabulous Pink Saturday :)



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