Saturday, April 24, 2010

*Where I Create*

Good Saturday morning to all my Blogging friends :) Today I thought I would share with you some photos of where I create :) Now, the room was quite a disaster area, and since I wasn't going to be doing any sewing for about a week because of my upcoming Garage sale, I decided to get it all cleaned up before I did, lol :) This room was my daughter, Amber's room, and when she got married last summer, it became my sewing room. It was previously wallpapered in shades of lavender, blue, and white, but when I "took over" the room, I ripped it all done, and re-wallpapered it with this sweet pink and blue floral pattern on the bottom; a coordinating stripe border for the middle and top, and the main body a muted pink. Isn't it fabulous! The blue carpet was staying, so I had to find something that would incorporate it.

This is where I sew...I have 2 sewing machines; the one on the right does the bulk of my sewing, and the one on the left I use to do only ruffles with. The chair is a vintage wicker chair, which I painted pink. The window faces out the front of the house, and I can watch the cars come and go :)

I had this sign custom made for me by a wonderful seller on Ebay, so everyone who enters this room knows that "Shabby Cats and Roses" works in here :)

This is a gorgeous Antique Victorian bed, which I painted a Linen white, and I use it as my "work" table, so to speak. There's no room for an actual table in here, so this works just fine.

This is TEMPORARY shelving that I keep all my fabrics and such on. I have quite a hard time finding particular fabrics...I have to literally dig thru the chaos!

This photo here, I have a vintage cabinet I painted, and hung it up, and I use it to display some of my pretty rose china figurines and some vintage Victorian gift books...below is a sweet little bench, again I painted linen white, with one of my pillows and a cute little kittie doll. Eventually I want to find just the right small size dresser to put here to keep some of my sewing embellishments in.

In this photo you will see a cabinet, which is from Rachel Ashwell's Simply Shabby Chic line of furniture...This is where I keep my finished products, and some projects I still have to finish. The beautiful rose painting is by Cindy Ellis. I found the vintage magazine rack at Goodwill (love that place), and painted it pink :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend my friends!!!


Mary Ellen said...

Brenda what a lovely room!! I would so love to have a creative space like this! I got my lil craft closet organized a bit a few weeks ago but it needs fluffed and painted-


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Brenda... what an absolutely beautiful room! I would just want to sit in that gorgeous PINK vintage wicker chair all day, sipping a cup of coffee and daydreaming... thanks for sharing your special haven with us... xoxo Julie Marie

Paula said...

Dear Brenda,
I am so glad you shared the beautiful room that you create in!!! You have it decorated beautifully! I love all of the wonderful and sweet details! You have put a lot of love into this room, and I am glad you have such a pretty place to work in. The painted sign is so sweet! I love all your pillows, curtains, furniture, that bed is fabulous, and shelves with all your pretties on them! Thank you for all the inspiration! Have a wonderful weekend sweet friend! Love, Paula

P.S. I could see your beautiful home being featured in Romantic Country Magazine!

Marilyn said...

I can honestly say yours is one place that takes my breath away!! It is so beautiful & I could just move in there!!

Tanza said...

Hi Brenda,
How fun to show where you create !! it's soo pretty and PiNk !! I sure wish I could sew !! What a lovely place to sit and work .. I LoVe that you have a Cindy Ellis painting .. She is a wonderful rose painter, and she is local, so to see her work so far away, WoW !! Anyone that paints roses is dear to my heart .. Always a rose lover is meee ~
hugs ~tea~xo

stefanie said...

oh, I am in LOVE with that room!!! just gorgeous and that die for, thanks for sharing.

Mari said...


Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Brenda, love your creative space. It is lovely and has such a calming feeling. No wonderful you create such beauties.

Happy Sunday!

My Whimsical Victorian Chic Cottage said...

Hello Brenda,

What a wonderful room for creating and a fabulous spot for all of us "hopeless romantics"!!! Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day!

Denise@alloverroses said...

Hi Brenda, Thanks for stopping by to see me this morning. I love your Cindy Ellis painting you lucky girl! I remember seeing it when I was here the other day but I needed to come back and look again! Did you buy it from her web site? Your blog is gorgeous by the way! Have a wonderful day!

Denise@alloverroses said...

OOPS! I forgot to tell you I'm bidding on one of your pillows. :)

Roberta said...

Your room is lovely and the shelf in the corner is fact with all the fabrics you can't even tell that it is metal. I actually love these shelves because they are so darn sturdy. Just add some baskets painted pretty pink and linen to match your room and you can use it forever! You could even paint the shelf pink...oh yeah :D

Pam Kellogg said...

Brenda this is so beautiful! I love the quilt. Always a pleasure to visit your blog.


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