Thursday, April 15, 2010

Refurbished Lamp Shades

A few days ago while shopping at my local Goodwill store, I came across this set of lampshades, and knew I had to get them and give them a shabby and oh-so chic makeover. The shapes of these are my favorite to work with!

This first one you see above, I used a pretty pink floral print on crisp white, and trimmed it out with pink gimp and vintage chenille type fringe. Then I added this large pink rose to give it a wonderful shabby and oh-so chic look. I placed this shade on this lamp base temporarily to take a photo of it, but I need to find the right base for it, and have it displayed in my Dining room.

For the second shade, I chose a pretty Durham print with tossed pink roses on a creamy background; used the same pink gimp as the first one, and trimmed it with this fun feathery style fringe trim, and finished it with a Vintage medium rose colored Millinery rose. This one will stay on the lamp it is displayed on, and is in my living room.

I have a couple more shades I plan to refurbish sometime soon, and when I get a chance to work on them I will post about those for you to see :) Perhaps those might end up in my Ebay store?


sissie said...

Hi Brenda,
Your lampshades are amazing. You are so creative because everything you touch turns into sheer loveliness.
Soft, romantic and oh so beautiful.


Pink Princess said...

LOVELY!! Love them both ♥ Good job and thumbs up to goodwill and 2nd hand stores yay ♥

Mari said...


Brenda Leyland said...

I saw your link over at Creative Carmelina's -- your name "Shabby Cats and Roses" drew me in! I love kitties and roses.... and your site is a marvel to behold. Beautiful and gracious. You're going on my sidebar so I can visit often!

Here's wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places today!


@ Perfectly Pink!
@ It's A Beautiful Life

Paula said...

Dear Brenda,
Your lampshades are gorgeous!!! You are so creative and talented! You did a beautiful job with them both! I love the fabrics and the sweet roses! Love, Paula

stefanie said...

they both are gorgeous!!!

Rita said...

Grazie Brenda for stopping by mammabellarte. Rita

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to do something extraordinary to my lampshades...

your's turned out darling adorable!

well done!
happy sewing and creating!

ciao bella
creative carmelina was here!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Oooh these are absolutely gorgeous! I could not pick a favorite, I love them both! xoxo Julie Marie

Anonymous said...

Oh My....Absolute eye-candy!! I have such a weakness for vintage lamps & shades.
Yours are beautiful!! ((Did I say eye-candy??!!??)) LOL!!

Debbi said...

so pretty! Love your blog and your pillows are gorgeous! I used to sell on ebay, will have to pop over and see your lovelies!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a lovely blog you have! You really must join Cindy's Romantic Home Show and Tell on Fridays. so many ladies would love to see your pretties!!

bee blessed

Kat_RN said...

Cats and Roses are two of my favorite things. Your lampshades are a good idea. I like it when things are rescued and reused.

lamp shades said...

That really girlish! Grls would definitely hit the note for that lamp. That looks gorgeous and really elegant.


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