Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pretty flowers from my Garden/Landscape

Hello everyone! I finally have some pretty blooms around my home, and so I took a couple of photos of those plants for you to see.

Above is my small leaf Rhodondendron almost in full bloom. Love the flowers on this plant! It's my favorite :) I do have 3 or 4 Large leaf Rhodondendron plants, but it's too soon yet for their flowers to bloom. I'll take pics when they do, and post about them :)

Next, is one of 3 Bleeding Heart plants that I have. 2 of them are blooming, and this one is the largest of the 3.

This last picture is of some of my few Tulips that I have. I'll show more pictures this summer when everything is fully up above the ground. I don't have many flowering plants, but I do have tons of Hostas, as they seem to flourish best around my home.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Girls Ruffled Skirt ~ Turned Lampshade

Happy Monday to all my blogging friends :) This morning while out running some errands, I stopped at my local Goodwill store, and found this lamp base and shade, and knew exactly what I was going to do with it! The base was black, but I painted it this nice crisp white, and I had this GORGEOUS girls skirt with all these wonderful ruffles (and it's pink!!), and placed it over the lampshade, and tah dah!! Brand new Lamp & shade! I got this idea from a previous post that Christie Repasy did, and HAD to make one of my own :) Tanza also did a post with a cute one she did too.

Just look at all the sweet little ruffles done on this skirt! There are even pink and white little ribbon roses adorning it too! Fabulous!!

I added a cute bouquet of Vintage lace, Vintage pink ribbon bow, and the best part, this Vintage pink rose Millinery! Now this shade is Romantic and oh-so chic!

This is a simple and easy to do project, and will turn ANY ordinary lamp into something FABULOUS!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

*Where I Create*

Good Saturday morning to all my Blogging friends :) Today I thought I would share with you some photos of where I create :) Now, the room was quite a disaster area, and since I wasn't going to be doing any sewing for about a week because of my upcoming Garage sale, I decided to get it all cleaned up before I did, lol :) This room was my daughter, Amber's room, and when she got married last summer, it became my sewing room. It was previously wallpapered in shades of lavender, blue, and white, but when I "took over" the room, I ripped it all done, and re-wallpapered it with this sweet pink and blue floral pattern on the bottom; a coordinating stripe border for the middle and top, and the main body a muted pink. Isn't it fabulous! The blue carpet was staying, so I had to find something that would incorporate it.

This is where I sew...I have 2 sewing machines; the one on the right does the bulk of my sewing, and the one on the left I use to do only ruffles with. The chair is a vintage wicker chair, which I painted pink. The window faces out the front of the house, and I can watch the cars come and go :)

I had this sign custom made for me by a wonderful seller on Ebay, so everyone who enters this room knows that "Shabby Cats and Roses" works in here :)

This is a gorgeous Antique Victorian bed, which I painted a Linen white, and I use it as my "work" table, so to speak. There's no room for an actual table in here, so this works just fine.

This is TEMPORARY shelving that I keep all my fabrics and such on. I have quite a hard time finding particular fabrics...I have to literally dig thru the chaos!

This photo here, I have a vintage cabinet I painted, and hung it up, and I use it to display some of my pretty rose china figurines and some vintage Victorian gift books...below is a sweet little bench, again I painted linen white, with one of my pillows and a cute little kittie doll. Eventually I want to find just the right small size dresser to put here to keep some of my sewing embellishments in.

In this photo you will see a cabinet, which is from Rachel Ashwell's Simply Shabby Chic line of furniture...This is where I keep my finished products, and some projects I still have to finish. The beautiful rose painting is by Cindy Ellis. I found the vintage magazine rack at Goodwill (love that place), and painted it pink :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend my friends!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Yup! MORE of Rhonda's Faux Cakes :)

Just wanted to show you this sweet lampshade I just listed over on Ebay..Isn't it too cute!!

Good Friday morning my Blogging friends! The weekend is finally upon us, which means I will be busy getting things cleaned up & set up for my Garage Sale this coming Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Everyone cross your fingers and pray for warm sunny weather here in Michigan! Please :) And now, I MUST show you these 2 new pretty faux cake slices I bought from Rhonda. My collection is growing & growing :)

This first one I purchased from her on Ebay, and I love all it's pretty pinkness!

This one I won on Ebay, and boy was it a popular cake! I wasn't sure if I was going to win it, but as you can see I prevailed in the end,LOL !! Yippee :) It's just dripping with all these beautiful hand-made roses! I don't know how she does it, but I'm glad she does!

This sweet hand-made paper rose was included in the package as a gift for me :) I simply ADORE this sweet and talented lady!!!

And here is my collection (so far!!) I'm eventually going to have to find a bigger table to display all my sweet treats from Rhonda!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful, fun & creative weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

3 Pretty New Decorated Candles

Hi everyone! I just finished 3 more lovely Decorated Candles that I will be listing on Ebay tomorrow ~ One has a Tea Rose scent, another a Honeysuckle Magnolia scent, and the 3rd a Seaside Breeze scent...all smell just wonderfully!! I am having so much FUN decorating these candles; there are sooo many possibilities with them!!

Update: all three candles are now listed on Ebay *** just click on my link on the sidebar to take you to my listings :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lovely new Sachet Pillow now on Ebay

Hello my friends! Wanted to do a quick post to show you what I just listed on Ebay...it's a sweet little hanging Sachet pillow, with 1 1/2 cups of French Lavender buds, and embellished with wonderful Vintage items, such as Pink Double-faced ribbon, vintage Mother Of Pearl buttons, Machine lace, and a piece from a Vintage Linen Hanky! This is my Favorite!!

More of Rhonda's sweet Faux Cake Slices

Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you these sweet faux cake slices I just got yesterday from Rhonda. Just like Mari, over at A Pocket Full fo Roses, I too have an addiction to collecting these sweet treats!

This one you see above, I purchased on Ebay, and love the color green this cake was decorated with, and all the pretty little pink roses everywhere!! Rhonda makes all these roses by hand!! Such talent :)

This pretty pink confection was a custom order she did for me...Thank you so much Rhonda!! It turned out FABULOUS!! She has another one like this now listed on Ebay for bid!! Go check it out!

This taller slice is another one she made for me, and I LOVE it!! So Yummy :)

In this photo above, you can see how I have all my sweet treats displayed. These vintage teacup stands are just a perfect way to display them. I have 2 more cake slices coming, so I'm going to have to go out and shop for another stand!!

In this photo are 3 pretty little faux bon bon's she has given as gifts, with the one in the front being my newest! Aren't these just too cute!!! If you haven't yet, I highly recommend you checking out her website, which I have a link to it on my sidebar: Rhonda's Rose Cottage Designs, or over on Ebay, seller id: rhondasrosecottagedesigns. You just might find something there you can't live without, I know I always do, lol :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

More Pretty Vintage Label Decorative Candles

Update: the smaller candle has sold and is going to Italy :) The larger one is still available.

Good Monday morning to all my Blogger friends!! I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. I'm happy to report that my son Austin, passed his Hunter's Safety class! Yeah!! He got 100% on the test, but the shooting part, well, not so good. He only just nicked the targets. Oh well :)

This morning I finished these 2 pretty decorative Candles you see above. I'm having so much fun creating these. The 2 I posted about earlier have both sold, so am very happy about that! These will list sometime today. Now I must get started in my sewing room and finish a pillow I haven't worked on in a couple of days. I have a lady in Singapore that is interested in it and I told her I would try and get it done today, then email her pictures of it. So until next time, I hope you all have a fabulous week!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Refurbished Lampshades coming to Ebay SOON!!

Good Sunday morning to you ladies!! The sun is shining brightly here in Michigan, but the temperature is ONLY 37 degrees...BRRRR!! I wanted to show you a couple of refurbished lampshades that I will be listing VERY soon over on Ebay.

UPDATE: These lamps are now both listed & available on Ebay...click on my Ebay listings link to check them out :)

This one you see above is my favorite! It is made with some sweet Rachel Ashwell fabric, pink gimp, and this wonderful fringe trim with faux glass beads dripping down; so very Romantic! This one will list later this afternoon with a Buy-it-now price, and the other will list sometime tomorrow (Monday).

Update: This lamp is now Sold...Thank you Rhonda!!

This one above is made with a pretty pink rose bouquet on pretty Aqua blue, with panels of Vintage Pink Damask, pink gimp, and a sweet ruffle of soft pink with white roses...so charming!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fabulous Goodwill Treasures

Happy Saturday to everyone in Blogland!! This morning I had to take my son, Austin, to his Hunter's Safety class, and on my way back home from dropping him off, I decided to check out my local Goodwill store and see what treasures they had waiting for me. I found 2, Yippee :)

My first treasure I found was this wonderful little glass Atrium, and as you can see, I've already put some of my pretties inside of it :) It isn't old, but I like it anyway. And, it was already white, so I didn't have to do anything with it.

My second treasure, which is the BEST one, is this Silver Gorham tray. It does have some issues with the front of it, so I knew it would be much better if I painted it white. Which you will see I have already done in the next photo :)

Isn't is just FABULOUS!! I love this tray. Not sure yet what I will put on it to display, or where I will put it exactly, but give me time, LOL :)

I hope you all get a chance to go out and do some treasure hunting. It's always so much fun when you find something special that you just can't live without :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Pretty Decorative Candles

This morning my daughter and I did a little shopping, and we stopped at Pier 1 Imports (which I have never been to before), and while there I found these wonderfully scented candles! I couldn't wait to get back home and embellish them with pretty roses and ribbons (thank you Rebecca for this wonderful idea!!) I plan to list 1 of them on Ebay to see how it will do, and if it sells quickly, then I will list the other one :) Each has a paper label of a Reproduced Vintage French Label with gorgeous pink roses (Thank you Graphics Fairy for these!!) I have a couple other paper labels I will be using on future candles.

UPDATE: The pink candle is now listed on Ebay

This one you see above has a Pink Honeysuckle scent, which is just HEAVENLY!! It is my favorite.

This one above has a Lavender scent (Yummy) I was expecting it to be Vanilla, because of it's color, so was quite surprised when I read the label and it said Lavender!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Refurbished Lamp Shades

A few days ago while shopping at my local Goodwill store, I came across this set of lampshades, and knew I had to get them and give them a shabby and oh-so chic makeover. The shapes of these are my favorite to work with!

This first one you see above, I used a pretty pink floral print on crisp white, and trimmed it out with pink gimp and vintage chenille type fringe. Then I added this large pink rose to give it a wonderful shabby and oh-so chic look. I placed this shade on this lamp base temporarily to take a photo of it, but I need to find the right base for it, and have it displayed in my Dining room.

For the second shade, I chose a pretty Durham print with tossed pink roses on a creamy background; used the same pink gimp as the first one, and trimmed it with this fun feathery style fringe trim, and finished it with a Vintage medium rose colored Millinery rose. This one will stay on the lamp it is displayed on, and is in my living room.

I have a couple more shades I plan to refurbish sometime soon, and when I get a chance to work on them I will post about those for you to see :) Perhaps those might end up in my Ebay store?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Currently Listed & Coming soon to Ebay

First, I want to show you what I just purchased today on Ebay...another one of Rhonda's gorgeous Faux Cake Slices! Yes, I am sooo addicted to these sweet little treats! You'll find a link to her website on my sidebar.

This is a pillow that I just finished today, and I will be putting on Ebay sometime tomorrow. I just love how this sweet pillow turned out! I especially love the ruffle with the lace added to it :)

This sweet pillow is now currently listed on Ebay. I love the pretty Reproduction rose Barkcloth...thank you Susan (Urbangardens), for selling such lovely fabrics!

Just click on my Link: My Ebay Listings, on my sidebar to see these and other pretty pillows I currently have listed :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Having A Garage Sale!

Every year around this time I always put on a Garage Sale at my Home. It typically is the last weekend in April, right before my youngest son, Austin's, Birthday. So I have been busy going thru all of our "stuff", and getting things ready for the sale. It takes a LOT of work putting one together. You have to go thru your old clothes and items that you feel you can part with, then price each item, then during the weekend before the sale, we get the Pole Barn all cleaned and swept up, and get all the tables set up, and the rack for hanging some of the more nicer clothing on. The week prior to the sale, I go to the local paper to place an ad to advertise my sale (always a good idea!) Then during the week leading up to the Sale, I go thru and place the items on the tables, and make everything look nice and inviting for people to "shop". I get a lot of repeat customers that come every year to my sales, which is always nice. The night before the sale, we go and put out the signs directing people where the sale is. I ALWAYS use the Hot pink posterboard...it's very eye catching! So.....I'm going to be rather busy these next couple of weeks getting things ready. I still plan to take some time to do a little sewing so I can have new pillows to put on Ebay, and of course, will be checking in on all your blogs when I can to see what everyone else is up to :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Newly Listed on Ebay :)

Just a quick little post to show you this lovely pillow I just finished listing on Ebay. I love the center fabric with the pretty pink roses on the Robins egg blue background :) Now I'm waiting for hubby to bring home the pizza for dinner..Yummy!

My GROWING Faux Cakes Collection

Last month I did a post about a sweet little faux petit four I won on Ebay from rhondasrosecottagedesigns. Well, since then, I have purchased a total of 4 of her adorable faux cake slices, and wanted to show them to you. I have the cake slices displayed on a vintage teacup stand, and the petit four and 2 little mini cupcakes (or bon-bons?) which I recieved as gifts from Rhonda, displayed in this cute glass domed little cake, or pastry stand. The paper rose clip you see at the top of the teacup stand was a special thank-you gift from Rhonda for purchasing 3 of her sweet little cake slices...Thank you Rhonda, I absolutely ADORE it!! :) You can be most certain that I will be purchasing more of these wonderful confections of hers...I think I have become addicted to them :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This is definitely "Hump" day :)

Boy, does it feel like Wednesday, or Hump day, as some of us call it. I'm wishing it was the weekend already! Didn't do much today, except create this pillow you see a photo of, which I just listed on my Ebay. This morning my daughter Amber and I went to the Secretary of State's office to transfer the plates of her "winter" car, over to her "spring, summer, fall" car. Her winter car is a 1992 Chevy Lumina Z34...Red! I have the exact same car, only mine is a 1993. I just love it! I've had mine since '93, and love to drive around in it. Her other car is a 1998 red Sunfire covertible :) It's a nice car...I love getting to drive it whenever her and I go someplace, because she really isn't a fan of driving!! She's a strange one, but I love her :) Now the rest of my day will be plopping myself in my comfy chair and watching the rest of what "soaps" are on. I watch all the ones on ABC; have for several years :)

Hope you all are having a fun "Hump" day, LOL :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2 New Lovely Pillows on Ebay

I have been a busy little beaver these past couple of days. I've sewn 5 pillows in just 2 days!! I'm feelin' a little tired now, LOL! It amazes me that I can still come up with new designs for my pillows, considering I've created HUNDREDS of them since I started selling on Ebay about 4 years now. And no 2 are ever alike; all are different and One-of-a-Kind. And I never know exactly how a pillow will look once I get started. I just grab some of my fabric, and start putting things together; deciding what looks good and what just won't work. It's really fun to see what the end result will be. I truly do enjoy what I do, and I hope I continue to enjoy it for many years to come :)

But you know what's not fair? My pillows get to go to countries that I will never get to see!! I have shipped some of my pillows to France, Italy, Germany, Australia, Canada, South Korea, just to name a few!! Oh well, that's life I guess :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy New Week & Lady Pillow on Ebay!

Hello everyone...Good Monday to all of you! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter with your families. I know we did :) My daughter and her husband stopped by Easter morning to visit for a little while, as they were having Easter dinner with his family. So it was just us 4 for dinner. We had the traditional Easter Ham...YUMMY!! Today I have been busy working on a custom order for a lovely lady from Ebay; working on 2 pillows for her, and also this pillow you see a photo of, which I just finished listing on Ebay...so go check her out. I haven't done one of these style of pillows in awhile (with the Fabric block Images), and so thought I should get one done. I think it's just FABULOUS :)

Hope you all have a fabulous week ahead of you!

Update: this pillow was sold to a lovely lady in Australia :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone!

I want to wish everyone out in Blogland a Very Happy, Wonderful, Joyous & Blessed Easter :)


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