Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pillow Displays

Thougt I would show you some of the pillows I have in my home, and how I display them. The first 3 photos are of pillows that were created by me, and the following 3 are pillows I purchased from Rebecca. Hope these will give you some ideas on how you can display some of your own pretty pillows you have :)


Paula said...

Dear Brenda,

I am so glad you shared how you display your beautiful pillows!!! I put my Roses Press pillow on my mantel in the parlor the other day, and I love how it looks. You have given me more ideas for my other pillows that are on the way! Thank you so much!!! The pillows you made are gorgeous, and so are the ones sweet Rebecca made!!! I love all of your pretty vignettes and beautiful rose dishes. Your home is so very pretty and welcoming! I love all of your shelves, cabinet, and the little chair. I have a little white chair on my front porch that I may just have to bring in! I also love that pink birdcage! Thank you for the inspiration!

Love, Paula

Ginger said...

Your pillows are displayed so wonderfully. I love both yours and Rebeccas pillows, they make a home so homey!!! I am having a giveaway, please stop by.


Anonymous said...

I love your pillows...all of them...

and that pink bird cage is wonderfully adorable...I used to have a large brown wooden one, but we got rid of it, and now seeing yours in pink, well let's just say that I'm almost in tears wanting it back in my posession! lol

2 cute!

ciao bella

sissie said...

Beautiful work by two beautiful ladies.

So pretty.


Bellesanbeaus said...

Brenda...just found your blog and I must! Your pillows and the way you have displayed them are absolutely beautiful! I just tonight painted the shelves in my front hall and guess what's going in one tomorrow when they are dry???Yep a little pillow! Thank you for showing this...Beth


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