Friday, March 19, 2010

I need your help!

Hi Ladies, it has come to my attention, by a couple of comments left on my posts, that there is someone out in blogland, pretending to be me, making claims that "I" have been friends of Rebecca's (agatheringplace) since childhood, and wanting them to check out my "yummy pretties". This comment being left on other blogs IS NOT BY ME. I have NEVER made claims to have been a childhood friend of Rebecca's, I've only known of her for a couple of years thru Ebay. I'm a bit upset by this, to be sure! If you have seen this comment on a blog somewhere, PLEASE let me know what blog so that I can go and check it out for myself. Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, warmest always, Brenda


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Brenda, what a beautiful blog you have! I am signing on as a follower, and I need to take my time and browse back through your older posts... I am so sorry about the comments thing... I have not seen any comments like that about you knowing Rebecca since childhood... I will let you know if I do... I posted about being hacked by someone in my email this past week, and also have heard from numerous blogger friends of mine that they had been hacked as well (emails)... also, one of my dear blogger friends said someone had left comments on blogs supposedly by her and they were not!!! I don't know how this stuff happens, but I went in and changed ALL my passwords, on my blog, my email, my paypal, my ebay, EVERYTHING! My hubby says it would have to be a very new virus of some kind as we have the top of the line virus protection...and it should have been caught if they knew about it... however, I did not open any attachments, so we did not get the virus, someone just got my email address and sent out rotten emails to everyone in my contacts list... good luck to you... I would change passwords right away! xoxo Julie Marie

Rebecca said...

Oh brother! What next, huh?

Don't worry my friend. I'm sure a big old MEANIE is behind all this junk!

If my records are right you were actually a customer of mine long before you started selling your wares on eBay for yourself. That was five years ago or MORE and I was happy to see you spread your own wings and fly.

If I'd known you when I was a little girl I'm SURE we'd have been great friends.

Love to you~Rebecca

Brenda-shabbycatsandroses said...

Goodness Rebecca, it has been longer that I remembered :) You were the inspiration to give it a try and create my own items to sell on ebay. I know we would have been wonderful friends too :) Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!


Hi back Brenda! That is so annoying, and I'll keep me eyes peeled for ya...

you really do have a beautiful blog..keep up the great work!

ciao bella


Tanza said...

Hi Brenda,
How bazaar is that ?! No need to worry sweet friend, Rebecca is wonderful, and wouldn't it of been fun to be all childhood friends !! I haven't seen this yet, and girlie, you have a wonderful blog .. don't let a rotten one ruin it for you !! soo hoping you have a wonderfully fun week-end ~
hugs ~tea~ xo

someplace in thyme said...

Wow Brenda, I would not have thought you had been on a blog long enough to have to endure that type of mess. I would have no idea how someone could pose as someone else when you have to sign in. I get lots of comments from people that are annoyomous, maybe that is how they do it. I will certainly keep my eyes open and let you know. Some people just don't have enough to do, do they? Char

Mary said...

Hi Brenda,
I get some strange comments sometimes that have nothing to do with my posting,from anonymous bloggers.
If I see anything I will definately let you know.
You have a beautiful blog! Keep up the great work :)
Have a beautiful weekend!
XO Mary

Paula said...

Dear Brenda,

I am so very sorry this happened to you!!! I saw that comment from the anonymous person in the post about the pillow I purchased, and thought it was so strange. I don't allow anonymous comments on my blog and I use comment moderation. If anything you may want to consider not allowing people to leave comments anonymously. Your blog is gorgeous, so please don't let this keep you from enjoying it. I will never understand how people have the time to do such mean things! I am praying for you! Keep posting your beautiful thoughts and pretties!!!

Much love,


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