Monday, March 29, 2010

Fabulous Goodwill & Consignment shop finds!

Good Monday morning to all of you ladies! My week has started out just perfectly. I just got back a short time ago from checking out our local Goodwill and Consignment shop in the nearby town of Newaygo, and I found myself some wonderful treasures to bring back home for me, Yippee! There's the sweet Angel planter and the pretty pink roses in a pot, which I will simply place the roses into the planter 'cuz it fits perfectly; some lovely paper doilies that I will use for my faux cakes I will be getting from Rhonda; a darling Reproduction paper fan from The Old Print Factory, with the sweetest Brundage girl (I have this print of her in my bathroom); 4 adorable porcelain cabinet knobs with roses, which I will be using 3 of them on my bathroom vanity; and lastly, 2 adorable kneeling ceramic Angels and a tin Urn (or vase), which I will be priming and painting white today. I highly recommend going to your own local Goodwill store, and other Thrift and Consignment shops because you never know what wonderful treasures are waiting there for you!


Mari said...


Paula said...

Dear Brenda,

I am so glad your week has started out perfectly! You found such lovely things! I hope the rest of your week is just as wonderful!

Love, Paula

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

That's definitely one of my ways of shopping, those places you just never know... I usually find something. Now that the weather is going to get nicer, look out Brenda, the yard sales will be coming. In fact a yard sale is where I got quite a few of those same knobs from. I already had put some on a corner cabinet that I will be posting in the future. I do like everything that you found.... nice things.


anything shabby chic said...


I just love thrift shops too!!! You made beautiful pillows. My mom is going to teach me to sew hopefully soon, I need to learn to make some of my own things. I hope you have a great week!!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of your is wonderful...the porch is lovely!
And the way you decorated the inside..sigh!! Makes me want to throw out all of my "things" and
start over with all the pink and lace........beautiful!! And the
antique bed is "to die for"!!
What a find!!!
Thanks for sharing....Hugs, Francy

Anonymous said...

In reading over your blog again, I wanted to say something about your comment on loving everything in your living room except the big black seems to me people who design these TV screens would know by now to make them more eye-
pleasing than "A BIG BLACK BOX"
They are ugly and that's why we don't have a TV in our living room!
because it would have been too ugly
with my pretty pastels!! LOL
Have a good night, Francy


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